Twinery Releases Nova On-Demand Illuminated Running/Cycling Jacket

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nova illuminated running jacket

If you’re into triathlon, you’re probably aware of the running involved. It’s for that reason that we’re sharing this cool new, on-demand illuminated, hi-vis jacket by Twinery. Which, of course, also works for cycling.

With embedded LightGuide technology, you can run in low light situations with an added layer of safety. A USB rechargable, removable battery system allows you to easily recharge it and also turn off the illumination qualities when you feel like it.

nova illuminated running cycling jacket


Twinery, today announces the launch of NOVA –  the first high visibility jacket with on-demand illumination, designed specifically for runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

The flexible, lightweight jacket is an essential addition to every outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe, and one that could save a runner, cyclist or hiker’s life. NOVA features patent-pending LightGuide technology that is embedded into the fabric and activates on demand to illuminate people, and ensure high visibility protection for up to eight hours. A person wearing the NOVA jacket will be visible from a distance of 450 feet – the length of nearly three football fields.

The LightGuide technology also allows the jacket to be fully machine washable, ensuring that runners do not have to sacrifice comfort or convenience for safety. NOVA is powered by a detachable, tiny half-ounce rechargeable battery that is concealed in a hidden pocket in the front of the jacket.

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  • Patent-pending Light Guide technology embedded into the fabric that activates on-demand (press a button)
    • 3 modes: low, high and blinking
  • Jacket, including lights and technology, is machine-washable
    • First time illumination is washable
  • Tiny half ounce battery concealed in a hidden pocket on the front of the jacket Illuminates runners, cyclists, etc. for up to 8 hours
    • Charges via USB charging wire
  • Lights ensure people are visible up to 400 feet away – the length of nearly 3 football fields
  • Hideaway hoodie, thumb holes, and earbud cord hole connected to water resistant smartphone sleeve pocket


NOVA is available for pre-order starting at $139 on Indiegogo and will begin shipping to consumers early next year. To learn more, visit

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