A Waterproof AND Breathable Jacket? Yep. Showers Pass Releases Hi-Vis Elite, Torch – Interbike 2016

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hi vis elite showers pass jacket

If there’s one thing Showers Pass has, it’s class. They definitely know how to throw a breakfast. As I sat sipping peppermint tea and watching the product demo, I thought two things: “Man, I love raw sugar,” and “Wow, those are reflective.”


Eloquent, I know. But Showers Pass’ take on visibility for any cyclist who rides in the rain, wind, and low-light conditions had everyone in the room chattering over their assorted fruit platters. And, yes, I was impressed–even in the glow of Interbike.

Showers Pass Hi Vis Elite and Torch Jackets

hi vis elite showers pass jacketBreathability is the name of the game with the Elite and Torch. A feature that is generally absent in most fully waterproof jackets, and one that cyclists definitely need. The Torch and Elite represent three levels of breathability and are geared toward different types of riding:

The Hi Vis Elite

The most breathable of the jackets, the Elite retails for $279 in both men’s and women’s with two color ways: Neon Green & Black Reflective, and Neon Green with Silver Reflective.

Up close and personal, this seems like a very well made jacket with heavy duty seams and high quality zippers. Apparently, I could have dumped my tea onto it and remained completely dry, but for the carpet’s sake, I refrained. In addition to the waterproofing and rider-controlled venting (want more air? unzip and open the vents), the Elite wants you to stay visible on the road with three main features:

  1. Highly visible Neon Green main body fabric for daytime visibility
  2. Reflective MapREflect print side panels for visibility to motorists at night (meaning it glows when the light hits it)
  3. Integrated LED Beacon lights to keep you highly visible to pedestrians and motorists
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As for the venting system I mentioned, you can “tune” the jacket by unzipping vents at the cuffs, sides, and back. Great for when the ride gets warm, but you still need the layer. The four beacon lights  sit at the hips and cuffs for added warning to others that you’re around and riding–each light runs on a CR 2032 battery and should last for about 200 hours on flashing mode (with 3 modes all together).

I briefly tried one on, and these seem to fit true to size, though I wasn’t riding in it. The inner lining is super comfortable with moisture wicking panels, and the whole thing is surprisingly light weight.

Hi Vis Torch Jacket

The Hi Vis Torch Jacket
The Hi Vis Torch Jacket

At $325 and geared toward the commuter with maybe a shorter ride in to work, the Torch jacket has hi vis and reflective cornered. Since this is a bit more of a heavier weight jacket, the breathability is not quite as good as the Elite, but the waterproofing is top-notch. Still breathable and with a focus on being seen this has many of the key features of the above Elite jackets as well.

Super strong and with the look that should stand up to some serious commuting abuse, this jacket was a little heavier when I tried it on, but still not too bulky. The light shining off of it was so bright it would sting the eyes, which is a fantastic thing for those of you who want to be seen.

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Vents and lights and a hi vis green accents make this a much more “muted” jacket than the straight on neon, but the dominant gray color actually works to make you incredibly visible: you’ll be glowing.

These are shipping now and available at Showers Pass or your local retailer

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