The Weatherneck System Kickstarter – Mullet Hat Plus Face Mask With Perfect Magnetic Fit

Makers of Fixit Sticks release Mullet Hat and Weatherneck Bandana that makes you both warm and awesome

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This week we got a cold snap. Middle of the night it dropped down to a seriously brisk 49 degrees. Oh gosh, that is chilly. And, of course, I looked out the window of my heated California home to see the still, fog-dampened air and immediately ran through all my cold weather kit options (barring hitting the indoor training cave). One thing saved me from a frigid ride:

side-01The Weatherneck System.

And really you should get stoked because this one involves a mullet: e.g. code for awesome. Also, it’s from the makers of some quality gear like Fix It Sticks. Taking a cue from The Weatherneck Bandana, the folks behind the Weatherneck System have further refined the bandana to work with their brand new Mullet Hat.

And you can grab it on Kickstarter now with a guarantee to get it by Christmas. Should still be cold, amiright? Probably around 50-degrees. Brrrr.

The Weatherneck System Review

Mullet Hat

The system is actually two separate pieces that work in tandem to let you stay warm, but regulate your temp. The Mullet Hat has thin mesh panels and thicker fleece-like, moisture wicking material that swoops down the back of your neck for full warmth.

The coolest thing about this hat, besides the fact that it fully covers your ears, is the hidden pocked at the back to stash cash or cards or whatever else you’d like. Funny thing, it also holds a ponytail. Yesh.

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Super warm and fits well under a helmet despite its being thicker than other skullcaps–a great option for those who need superior coverage on extra cold rides.


sizing-collageI reviewed the Weatherneck a while back and this version is sleeker than ever–although the old version has tons of flexibility and flash, the new refined magnets couple with the mullet hat to offer 3 different fits for crazy customizability (check it out at left). Should fit pretty much every face. Throughout my tests, it never slipped or curled over itself. Great fit.

The easy pull off design is great for when you warm up on a ride, and you don’t have to feel choked for the rest of your ride like the usual balaclava. Like Davis’s other products, this thing is just well-crafted and intensely thought out.

Thin webbing is easy to breathe through and doesn’t give you that asphyxiation feeling of the usual handkerchief style. Also, it’s crazy warm from your cheeks to your chest–that didn’t sound weird, right?


The Verdict

Seriously warm and seriously impressive, the Weatherneck System really is awesome. Although I did find myself wanting another color option or two, the system is overall pretty flawless. It’s clear that the folks behind the Weatherneck and the Mullet Hat have done and redone their R&D. If you’re in a cold region, grab one for yourself or pack it in a stocking this Christmas.

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The official Kickstarter is fully funding and set to close soon. And be sure to let us know what you think!

Price: Face Mask: $20; Mullet Hat: $25; The Full System: $35 | Visit the Kickstarter to Buy

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