The 5 Stupidest Ways to Drop Weight on a Road Bike

29 July, 2014 Bek

So you’ve got extra grams on your bike. Minute particles of weight that are absolutely unnecessary *cough* to drag over that next mountain with you. But what are these magic parts that, if tossed in the garbage can, would immediately help you in your pursuit of faster? Whether or not you […]

Testing the Lezyne Gauge Drive HP with ABS Pen Gauge

24 July, 2014 Bek

I was first introduced to Lezyne products through my collegiate racing team–we were sponsored by the local to SLO company, and got some pretty cool gear. Now that I’ve moved on to the real world, where I have to actually pay full price for stuff, I’ve gotten quite picky about […]

When & Where to Watch ESPN’s Slaying the Badger

21 July, 2014 Bek

In a cycling world where helmets were never normal, but down tube shifters were, Greg Lemond became the very first American to win The Tour de France. Add to this fact that he did so without much help from his teammate, 5-time Tour winner Bernard Hinault. Despite promising LeMond that […]

10 Things That Suck About The Tour de France

21 July, 2014 Bek

Don’t get me wrong, I love Le Tour de France. There’s nothing quite like the crazy speeds, expensive gear riders often just toss by the side of the road, and carnage on the mountains. While I suffer from Tour de France withdrawals every year at its close, there are always a […]

Essential Oils for Cyclists & Triathletes

17 July, 2014 Bek

Recently, a friend of mine (yes, that’s her info on the poster above–had to give her a shout-out!) started getting into the whole essential oils thing. Although at first my endurance-athlete centered brain dismissed her claims of better sleep through Lavender and greater healing through “Thieves” (there’s a backstory, apparently), I […]

Best Sunscreens for Cyclists and Triathletes

15 July, 2014 Bek

Although the best sunscreen for cyclists is to leave no skin exposed, let’s face it–as cyclists, we love to show off our hours in the saddle with deep tan lines. Riding with arm and leg “sun skins” (like the ones below) will help prevent sun damage, but some of us might […]

How to Use Glue Less Patch Kits

10 July, 2014 Bek

So there’s a lot of sentiment out there that might tell you that glue less patch kits are merely for temporary flat repair–good for a few miles, but ready to go flat again at any moment. Well I’m here to try and dispel those nasty feelings. In reality, glue less […]

How to Race Road Bikes – Tips for New Racers

9 July, 2014 Bek

What could be better than redlining in the middle of a peloton for a few hours and then digging deeper to sprint toward glory at the end of the day? But you can’t reach the top step of that podium without taking the first step–deciding to race on the road! […]

Chris Froome’s Best Tips for Climbing

1 July, 2014 Bek

Reigning Tour de France champ, Chris Froome knows a thing or two about climbing. Now he’s passing on that knowledge to cyclists around the world in his latest interview. Even though Team Sky has had a bit of bad press lately (inhaler-gate anyone?), Froome certainly knows what he’s talking about […]