Chris Froome’s Best Tips for Climbing

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Reigning Tour de France champ, Chris Froome knows a thing or two about climbing. Now he’s passing on that knowledge to cyclists around the world in his latest interview. Even though Team Sky has had a bit of bad press lately (inhaler-gate anyone?), Froome certainly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to tips for climbing long or short distances. It’s especially nice to hear a pro talk about compact gearing for a change, and his advice about changing muscle groups by switching between a standing and sitting position is something most aspiring climbers may forget.

Of course what we don’t hear from Froome is to forego the extra sandwich and get as skinny as possible–I guess we all have to read into that one. All kidding aside, Froome’s tips for getting up that mountain, no matter the gradient, are excellent ones. Take a look at the video, directly from Team Sky!

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