VizorX Full Face Weather Shield Launches on Kickstarter

The VizorX promises full weather protection with an anti-fog, UV-blocking visor.

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VizorX cycling face shield

VizorX cycling face shieldIf you’ve ever dreamed of going full Tron on your bike, today is your day. Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, the VizorX promises a fog-free, virtually unbreakable, weather protecting, totally Flynn approved visor for your helmet.

All right, so maybe the Tron connection is a bit of a stretch, but the futuristic look of the VizorX definitely caught our attention–especially since The Nino has brought some serious rain with it here in California.

According to the folks behind the VizorX, they’ve solved the dilemma of fogging, which allows them to extend the design all the way to a rider’s chin. Their anti-fog system comprises a series of holes just above your nose, and another set above your eyes. The holes are connected to fine channels, which direct the incoming airflow down toward the inner surface of the shield where there is moisture from exhaled breath. The new fresh air then dissipates the fog immediately while the rider is moving.

Similar to motorcycle helmets, this shield claims impact protection using 3mm polycarbonate, and full UV blocking. Should be a heartwarming stat for speed-seekers and sunscreen skeptics out there.

Fit, Specs, and Price

VizorX cycling face shieldThis visor seems to affix relatively easily to your own helmet with adhesive mounts that allow you to adjust the fit. The strips keep the mounting hardware in place, and let you install and remove the shield with what looks to be a simple screw-in bracket.

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At a claimed weight of 300 grams all together, the shield isn’t much heavier than other aero iterations out there–especially considering that they cover only half of your face. The weight breaks down as such: Shield 200 grams, accessories 50 grams, and helmet cover 50 grams.

In conjunction with the elastic helmet cover, which molds to the shape of your particular helmet, the VizorX should give you a serious edge over the elements.

The product will retail starting at $49 for the clear face shield and helmet cover, but right now it’s available for $28 USD for the first 100 backers. Other color options are also available at higher price points.  Expected delivery date is September 2016.

How to Back The VizorX

Head over to the official VizorX Kickstarter page to back this project. If you do, be sure to head back over here and let us know what you think.


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