BiKASE Launches GoKASE Mount System on Kickstarter – Review

24 March, 2017 Bek

BiKASE, the folks behind the Outlier Backpack/Pannier and the Superband, now have a sweet way to get your phone from your car to your bike. One universal system lets you go straight from a hands-free display on your car to a heads up handlebar mount, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to get the […]

BiKASE Outlier Backpack Review – Pannier & Backpack All In One

22 December, 2016 Bek

There’s an ocean-chilled wind casting its icy mood all over SLO these days, and temps have stooped to the 30’s and 40’s. ‘Round these parts, it’s triple-layered parka time with extra woolen baselayers. And that’s just for riding on our indoor trainers. But it seems that lately I’ve been hearing […]

Airless and Tubeless Nexo Road Tires Launch on Kickstarter

7 November, 2016 Bek

Airless, “solid” tires aren’t necessarily a new thing–with heavy rubber iterations available here and there on the market. Now, three bike shop owners are offering the next gen version of tubeless, airless, tires made not from rubber but from lighter weight silicone plastic polymers. Called Nexo Tires, these are designed […]

Light, Compact, Cut Resistant OTTOLOCK Launches on Kickstarter

12 September, 2016 Bek

We’ve seen cool stuff from Otto Design Works before. Well now the keen minds at Otto are addressing yet another need for the average cyclist: a lock that is actually light, yet actually works. Enter the OTTOLOCK. At just 115 grams, this coiled lock features a combo setting (I’m looking […]

Cydekick Charges Your Phone While You Pedal

5 August, 2016 Christine Bucher

If you’ve ever been on a ride and noticed that your cell phone’s battery power is alarmingly low, you’ll be interested in the Cydekick Pro, from a Miami-based company called Spinetics, currently in its crowdsourcing phase. It’s an externally mounted rear-hub dynamo that uses magnets and the energy from your […]

Kickstarter: The BiKase SuperBand Stows Anything on Your Bike

25 May, 2016 Bek

The SuperBand: Versatile, Non-Invasive Cycling Mount If we’ve learned anything from Kickstarter, it’s that good bike things come from Wisconsin. We’ve also learned that the weather can get pretty rough over there, which is probably what makes Wisconsiners so innovative. The folks at BiKASE aren’t letting us down. They’ve just recently […]

VizorX Full Face Weather Shield Launches on Kickstarter

9 February, 2016 Shane

If you’ve ever dreamed of going full Tron on your bike, today is your day. Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, the VizorX promises a fog-free, virtually unbreakable, weather protecting, totally Flynn approved visor for your helmet. All right, so maybe the Tron connection is a bit of a stretch, but the […]

The Weatherneck Kickstarter Launches – Quick Release Bandana Review

3 February, 2016 Bek

The Nino is here, California. What was once a 65 and sunny winter is now 31 and rainy. Wind chill factor? Gnarly. Here at SLO Cyclist, we’ve been padding our short sleeved jerseys with thermal undershirts and waterproof outer shells. Not so great for enjoyable spins through the countryside–fantastic for […]