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Avoid Unnecessary Damage to Bike Frames with PoleProtectr

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bike pole protecter kickstarter

If you’ve ever slowly, gently, tenderly, leaned your unmarred bike up against an ugly, careless, unfeeling metal pole, you know the angst that follows as you continue locking the two to each other. All the while your stomach is twisting at the thought of what marks could be waiting for you when you return. Like memories from failed relationships, these scrapes don’t buff out easily.

Enter the PoleProtectr.

bike pole protecter kickstarter

As the handy dandy animated gif shows, the PoleProtectr is a pretty simple design. An unobtrusive aero-designed, 3D silicone rubber stick-on accessory, which is specifically designed to reduce the risk of bicycle frame damage while chained up. It’s an impact-resistant, waterproof and durable silicone pad. PoleProtectr attaches to your top tube or seat stays (or wherever on your bike) and acts like a barrier between the bike and the object it’s leaning against, protecting it from unwanted damage.


bike pole protecter kickstarter

According to the folks behind PoleProtectr, this little mod is “made of food grade silicone, free of BPA and PVC, PoleProtectr’s aerodynamic design features a concave surface to prevent sliding, with small nodes integrated in the design to enhance traction for added security and grip. PoleProtectr uses a specially formulated backing tape to ensure a secure bond with the bicycle, and the design is discreet and unobtrusive, staying out of the cyclists way when pedalling.”

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You can order yourself a pack of PoleProtectrs for $10 AUD, which is just under $7.50 US dollars, during the Kickstarter–until the earlybird deals are gone. A pack will net you two protectors, and you can get multiples at various price points until December 31st.

Size: Length: 130mm x Width: 10mm x Height: 8mm

Colors: Offered in white, yellow, magenta, green, orange, cyan, and black.

Check out the official Kickstarter or PoleProtectr.com for more info.

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