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There’s just something about Tuesdays that makes the weekend feel so distant. If Mondays suck, Tuesdays are just a reminder of how much of the work week is left before that long Saturday ride. So, to liven up the day, I’ve chosen some of the finest videos YouTube has to offer on bike handling skills–because if you can’t go for a ride today, you might as well practice some skills in the parking lot on your lunch break, right? OK, if you’re really unsure of yourself on the bike, go to a grass-filled park, or stick to the privacy of your own backyard. But either way, remember, practice is cool.

1. The Bunny Hop

A super important skill to learn, the bunny hop could help you to avoid a crash with a fellow cyclist, road debris, or a vehicle. Here’s a video by the famous guys over at GCN to get you started toward a technically proficient leap. With a simple two-step process, you’ll be bouncing all over things in no time.

2. Trackstand It

Pro rider Tiffany Cromwell not only proves that she’s pretty amazing at track stands, but she also gives you some solid tips for keeping your balance on the bike while at a standstill. Take note of how long she holds her position while showing off plenty of moves.

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3. General Bike Handling

Another women’s pro, Ally Stacher (I’ve heard her new Ally’s Bars are super good, by the way) gives some strong advice for building balance on the road.

4. Wheelies

Back to the fellows at GCN, cuz they also have some practice at being professionals. Here, they’ll show you how to pop a wheelie properly–because there’s nothing quite like pulling a victory stunt over the line at your next race, right?

Tagging on to the GCN guys, Peter Sagan has some more tips, but listen closely. Mostly, this video is about showing off his handling skills. This will brighten up your lame Tuesday in no time!

5. Win!

Overall, there’s a serious reason to practice these skills. Either way, though, this kid is obviously doing something right: he totally won.

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