ENDEVR’s MyID Sport and Strength Tape Keep You Training, Worry-Free

24 November, 2014 Bek

Although I don’t normally put two reviews on the same page, I couldn’t help myself this time. The kind people at ENDEVR hooked me up with their super slick ID and their street-cred raising kinesiology tape to help me look doubly legit–no matter how easy the training day. Combined, you’ll be […]

Climbing with Angina – No Stupid Questions

20 November, 2014 Bek

Jimmer: “I have stable angina. Can I still cycle up steep hills?” Hey Jimmer! I’m really glad you asked this question because it seems that many people are too afraid to even try engaging in physical activity when they have a condition that may prevent them from doing so. Fear […]

Bike Handling Skills – Videos to Get You Motivated

18 November, 2014 Bek

There’s just something about Tuesdays that makes the weekend feel so distant. If Mondays suck, Tuesdays are just a reminder of how much of the work week is left before that long Saturday ride. So, to liven up the day, I’ve chosen some of the finest videos YouTube has to […]

What is Cycling Cadence? – There Are No Stupid Questions

17 November, 2014 Bek

Jack: I’m a new rider, and I had a friend tell me that I’m not at a good cadence. What does that mean? Great question, Jack. Here’s a small mystery for new riders, and one that brings up plenty of opinions from experienced riders. If you see some blindingly-patterned lycra […]

There Are No Stupid Questions

10 November, 2014 Bek

  It still happens. To this day, my palms perspire, and my voice shakes a bit as I tell the employee at my LBS what I’m looking for. This isn’t because the people at my LBS are jerks–quite the opposite–it’s because I’m afraid of looking stupid in front of the knowledgable […]


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