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brooks cambium c13 saddle

This article first appeared in our series detailing the steps to finding a comfortable saddle. We’ve put it here for easy searching, but you can check it out in all its glory at “The Most Comfortable Saddles on the Market.”


brooks cambium c13 carbon comfortable saddle

If you find you dislike a channel or cutout, the rounded top shape of the Cambium C13 should make you happy. But it’s not just the shape of the saddle that makes it comfortable: it’s the construction.

The epitome of coolness, Brooks England has seriously lightened their Cambium with the carbon-railed C13. Most importantly, its vulcanized rubber top is already relatively broken in and the rails have dampen road buzz. The look is pretty stealth, and the feel has little competition.


But don’t buy into marketing hype here. This saddle won’t feel comfortable to you unless you’re suited to its shape (Brooks also offers a carved version with a cutout, but we didn’t test this one). We had a couple of testers on this saddle (including myself). I personally could not handle the rounded shell, but our other two reviewers actually fought over it. It wasn’t a good fight, but lycra-clad cyclists arguing over gear is pretty much the funniest thing to watch ever. Especially when everyone is wearing cleats.

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Sorry, I failed to capture photos of the struggle. But I did catch plenty of superlatives to describe the feel and look of the Cambium. Although this is not really a lightweight saddle in comparison to other carbon offerings, the shape, color, and rear “Brooks” plate look extremely cool on every bike. Extremely.

That having been said, the key here is the flexibility of a Brooks saddle without the usual breaking in period. It makes a huge difference, and is the reason that many cyclists won’t climb onto a road bike without a proper Brooks seat–but the Cambium feels comfortable from day one. Definitely a cut above.

Price: $220 |  Weight: 265 grams

Check out Brooks England’s site for more info and buying options. But you can also find the C13 at your LBS or plenty of online retailers like these below:

Get it at Art’s Cyclery for $189 | Get it at Jenson USA for $198 | Get it at Chain Reaction Cycles for $192 | Get it at Competitive Cyclist for $220 | Get it at Amazon for $138

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