The 5 Stupidest Ways to Drop Weight on a Road Bike

29 July, 2014 Bek

So you’ve got extra grams on your bike. Minute particles of weight that are absolutely unnecessary *cough* to drag over that next mountain with you. But what are these magic parts that, if tossed in the garbage can, would immediately help you in your pursuit of faster? Whether or not you […]

10 Things That Suck About The Tour de France

21 July, 2014 Bek

Don’t get me wrong, I love Le Tour de France. There’s nothing quite like the crazy speeds, expensive gear riders often just toss by the side of the road, and carnage on the mountains. While I suffer from Tour de France withdrawals every year at its close, there are always a […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Motivated to Ride This Thanksgiving

26 November, 2013 Bek

When the turkey’s tryptophan kicks in, you’ll likely feel like wallowing on the sofa and watching the NFL (OK, I know some people don’t watch football or eat turkey, but humor me here, it’s my favorite holiday). And just when you’re coming out of your dozing state, someone announces, “Hey! […]

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