3 Easy Ways to Get Motivated to Ride This Thanksgiving

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Liv's Avail Advanced Pro
Liv's Avail Advanced Pro

When the turkey’s tryptophan kicks in, you’ll likely feel like wallowing on the sofa and watching the NFL (OK, I know some people don’t watch football or eat turkey, but humor me here, it’s my favorite holiday). And just when you’re coming out of your dozing state, someone announces, “Hey! Let’s eat again!” So instead of letting all those calories go to waste (or waist . . . ooh that’s a bad pun), why not get yourself motivated to hit the open road and enjoy the holiday.

1. Look at pictures of bikes!

Heck, Christmas isn’t too far away. And I’m sure you’ve been super good this year–you totally deserve a new bike. Salivate over these options, and while you’re daydreaming of fresh carbon, hop on the bike you have now and put in some miles!

Liv’s Avail Advanced Pro: $3,500 and comes in some very nice colors. Designed for women. Awesome.

Liv's Avail Advanced Pro


The Cervélo R2: A great bike for a low price. $2,500 with trickle-down tech that makes for a very sweet ride. cervelo r2 in white

Bianchi’s Oltre XR.2 with Super Record will run you $11,199. A chunk of change, and a pretty bike! Also, I’m kinda positive this will make you faster despite that second piece of pie. 😉Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Super Record

Trek’s Madone 2.5 in all black is not too shabby, and costs just $1979.Trek's Madone 2.5 in black
2. Do some intervals

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All right. GCN has you covered with a high intensity workout that you can do during half-time. Yup, 20 minutes! Get yourself motivated to do this by setting up your trainer early. Plus, your whole family will think you’re pretty awesome if you sit around in lycra while you wait for the break. Fair warning, though, you might not want to do this on a stomach filled with pie, soda, turkey, stuffing, yams, cranberries, rolls, you get the idea. Hit it well before you eat the big meal, or well after your digestive system has a chance to catch up.

Not feeling the high-intensity alone time with the bike? OK, you might want to check out Livestrong’s recommendations for seated toning exercises. Get the whole family involved. Even Grandma.

3. Check out some motivational images

I’ve never really been one who saved sayings or mantras, but these can sometimes give me a needed kick. Here are a few favorites:

Courtesy ilovebicycling.com
Courtesy ilovebicycling.com
its cycological
Courtesy cycologygear.com


Source unknown, but I would like to give them credit!
Source unknown, but I would like to give them credit!
OK, I couldn't resist this one (courtesy cyclinghumor.com)
OK, I couldn’t resist this one (courtesy cyclinghumor.com)

All right, how are you gonna spend your holiday? Share with friends and family to help get them motivated too.

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