5 Reasons Why Women Are Natural Cyclists

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A few weeks ago, I came across a painting: “Summer Cycling” by Peter Szumowski. It immediately resonated with me. The long-skirted woman standing by her bicycle gazes past the country house in the distance and up toward a hot air balloon. The obvious connections with the history of the bicycle and a woman’s aptitude for it struck me.

Naturally, like every good blogger in our generation, I thought of making a list.

Hearkening back to our heritage as riders of bicycles, we women should embrace the fact that we should totally ride bikes. So here are 5 reasons why women are natural cyclists:

1. Women are Built Like Cyclists

Obvious double disadvantage.
Obvious disadvantage.

If you’ve watched many pro bike races, you’ve probably seen your fair share of skinny arms and powerful thighs. The best GC contenders out there look in desperate need of some bicep curls. This look, however, means that the important muscles in cycling have nothing to do with how much you can bench. Funny thing, but women often look exactly like GC contenders! Skinny arms, powerful legs, and generally smaller frames that are just built for speed on a bike.

Plus, if you’re “solid” like me, you can just tell everyone you’re a sprinter and they’re still ok with it. Win/Win, gals. Win/Win.

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2. Women Already Shave Their Legs

Guys often get guff about having smooth legs, and you’ll find lots of defensive posts listing reasons why shaved legs are beneficial. Aero advantage, road rash healing, serious good looks, every excuse out there. But women don’t have to use any of these excuses because leg shaving is already a part of the routine. So really we’ve all just been practicing for the day we become elite cyclists. Take heart, ladies!

3. Women are Tough

Case in point.
Case in point.

All the female cyclists I’ve ever been around are serious sufferers. Climbing, descending, and time-trailing, they can push past incredible pain. This is probably due to the slews of pink and flowery cycling gear we have to settle with, so it’s natural that we have to outtalk our loud kits with speed on the bike. Especially since it’s hard to brag a big game in a purple hibiscus jersey.

4. Women (Especially Moms) Can Block Out Intense Pain

Don’t believe me? Spend a few days with a 4-year-old poking you in the arm and methodically chipping away your sanity with the sound of, “Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.” Become a mom, and you will suddenly have the power to silence nagging pain, blaring horns, and a shuffling, yelling, racing peloton. It’s fantastic training . . . provided you can sleep through the night.

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5. Women Carry Heavy Purses

There’s no need for weight-weenieness when you’re used to lugging around a purse everywhere you go. Become a mom and realize that 90% of your life now involves carrying things (not to pull the mom card again, folks). When you’re used to heavy loads, climbing on a carbon bike and heading up a hill will be a breeze.

See, you had no idea how much that struggle to carry your child, purse, shopping bags, the shoes your kid kicked off in the car, and the espresso you desperately needed to keep you speaking would count toward training.

So get on your bikes, ladies! You were born to be cyclists!

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