Testing RaceDots: Why You Should Never Use Safety Pins Again

20 September, 2014 Bek

I’ll tell you a secret. Safety pins have always freaked me out a little. Who’s to say they won’t pop open and start sticking you whenever and wherever they feel like it? I mean, when you pin a race bib to your jersey, you’re basically voluntarily pushing fish hooks right […]

Watch Jens Voigt Attempt to Break the Hour Record!

18 September, 2014 Bek

Now known officially as “shut up hour,” Jens Voigt gets busy during his new retirement years by attempting to break the hour record currently held by Czech rider Ondřej Sosenka (49.700 kilometers or 30.8821 miles if Google’s calculations are correct). You can watch him attempt this feat on the track today […]

Interbike 2014

13 September, 2014 Bek

Get ready for an explosion of gear reviews and favorite things I saw, tested, and will review from Interbike 2014! Just to get you stoked, you’ll hear about the latest greatest wearable power meters, kits from Santini SMS (super, super cool), waterproof socks and booties from SealSkinz (they had a […]

Speedplay Goes Walkable and Aero – Interbike Sneak Peeks

11 September, 2014 Bek

If you’re a fan of Speedplay’s pedals, but are tired of wearing down your cleats, or having to use a crowbar to remove those handy coffee caps before you clip in, get stoked for Speedplay’s new aero and walkable cleat system. The new cleat design comes with a screw-in plug […]

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