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If you’re a fan of Speedplay’s pedals, but are tired of wearing down your cleats, or having to use a crowbar to remove those handy coffee caps before you clip in, get stoked for Speedplay’s new aero and walkable cleat system. The new cleat design comes with a screw-in plug of sorts and you can use it with or without the new aero pedal.

Not only do the new cleats work with your existing Speedplay Zero and Light Action pedals, they also now let you walk in them while maintaining the integrity of your pedal interface. Although you’ll need the new dimple-sided Zero pedal to go fully aero, the new walkable cleat works seamlessly between the standard pedal and the new aero pedal–no need for changing shoes or cleats, folks. Also, check out the smooth profile the new aero system cuts:20140911-210803-76083296.jpg
In addition to being able to walk on your cleats without trouble, you’ll also get plugs that screw into the circular cutout to keep grime, dirt, rocks, or carpeting from lodging itself in between you and a solid pedal engagement. The aero pedal will take away a small amount of what Speedplay owners love–the ability to clip in without looking down to make sure the pedal is right-side-up. According to Speedplay, the aero side won’t be weighted, so you’ll just have to make sure you’re engaging on the correct side. But for some, the aero advantage (supposedly along the lines of a deep dish wheel) will certainly outweigh the worry-free engagement on either side of the pedal.

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More info soon to come when we get a chance to put these things through their paces, but you’ll be able to find these cleats and pedals in stores before the end of the year. Until then, enjoy more quickly and poorly snapped images from Interbike!:  20140911-210802-76082063.jpg


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