Coeur Sports Unveils Aerodynamic One Piece Triathlon Speed Suit

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I caught up on the Coeur Sports line at Interbike, and I was stoked on the range that Coeur reaches in their women’s cycling and triathlon gear. With both understated and bright matching kits, Coeur is doing what many other clothing manufacturers aren’t–building jerseys, bibs, shorts, suits, for a variety of tastes and abilities.

Zele Cycling Collection

coeurf16_jeanclaudevorgeack_web_044Especially cool is the Zele Collection with things like zip-enabled bibs for quick stops. Plus super fast fabrics, good cuts, and cool designs. I was impressed with the Coeur philosophy and the quality of their kits.

Some of the key features are yoga waist bands (on the shorts) to avoid muffin-top, sausage-leg-banishing wide leg grippers, smooth, non-binding seams to avoid chafing, flared hems that don’t ride up, and Italian chamois. Although I have yet to try on the kits in person, they are definitely well-made and well-cut.

One-Piece Tri Suit

Last week, Coeur Sports unveiled its fast and fashionable aerodynamic one piece triathlon suit for women, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, at the IRONMAN Expo.

“Assisting women in their pursuit of fast, fashionable, and healthy lifestyles is at the heart of Coeur,” said founder, Kebby Holden. “We’re thrilled to unveil our new aerodynamic one-piece triathlon suit in Kona. It’s perfect for those who want the simplicity of the one-piece speed suit, and fits like a second skin.”

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knopDesigned to give you the most comfortable ride in your saddle and easy movement on the run, the one-piece speed suit features Coeur’s seamless chamois and five-inch inseam shorts with whisper light gripper. The top is made with vented side and rear panels for maximum breathability, and features sleeves to the elbow for extra coverage from the sun while maximizing aerodynamics. Cuz, you know, skin is slow.

A 3Ž4 locking zipper in the front and two rear pockets for gear stashing complete the suit’s benefits. Similar to all of Coeur’s apparel, the new one-piece suit is made in Los Angeles, Calif.

Since the company’s beginning in 2013, Coeur Sports has maintained its dedication to create garments that are not only beautiful, but also beautifully designed and built for performance. Additional apparel from Coeur Sports is available for purchase by visiting and at select retail locations.

About Coeur Sports

Coeur Sports is dedicated to producing the finest endurance apparel available to women. Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Coeur takes its name from the French word for heart, which also is the root of the word courage. Heart and Courage play an important part at Coeur, as the company knows it takes a lot of both to train and achieve one’s goals. With this mindset, Coeur’s mission is to foster a supportive community for women getting women involved in sport and leading a lifestyle of health and fitness. Learn more at or follow Coeur Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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