While Away the Training Hours with Cycling and Triathlon Movies on Netflix Instant and YouTube

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Reading while on indoor bike trainerSo if you’re like me and you’ve been riding the trainer the last few days, it gets a bit old without something to distract you from staring at the wall. And until Zwift officially releases their trainer-centric races (yah, I’m pretty stoked about it too), I’ve been watching my way through all the cycling and triathlon related shows, movies, and documentaries on Netflix Instant. So, in case you don’t know what Netflix is offering these days, here are some things to watch–oh, and some from YouTube too.

1. Magnum Does an Ironman: In honor of the recent Ironman World Championships, I’ve decided to share a gem of a show with you. Tom Selleck, a blue Bianchi, and an unsolved mystery meld together in one of the most awesome episodes of Magnum P. I. I’ve ever seen. OK, I’ve only actually seen two episodes.

Enjoy episode 18 (sorry, you’ll have to scroll down to the end of season one to find it), “Beauty Knows No Pain,” from the very first season of Magnum. Catch some of the most awesome details like Magnum’s trainer giving him a few ounces of glucose after a 5-mile swim and heading into a marathon. Or gaze at the $2,800, 7-pound majesty of his brand new Bianchi. For you Ironpeople out there, try to spot the most random and awesome details that make Magnum’s Ironman experience . . . unique, and post them in the comments.

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2. Rising from the Ashes: This documentary will make you think while it also reinforces the idea that cycling can offer healing from some of the most tragic circumstances. At times difficult to watch, but important nonetheless, Rising from the Ashes follows the journey of the Rwandan cycling team. This is a well-made documentary that moves from the genocide of the past to the team’s Olympic bid of 2012.

3. Slaying the Badger: Watch the tension build between Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond as they battle it out for the tour’s yellow jersey–oh, and I should probably also mention that they’re on the same team. This 30 for 30 documentary has plenty of interviews and cycling action to keep you entertained–plus you’ll get a snippet of LeMond’s take on the Armstrong era.


OK, Netflix is a little short on cycling films lately. They used to have Breaking Away, Hell & Back, and moreSo I’ve decided to finish my list here with some YouTube docs. These are pretty good–and you don’t need a Netflix account to watch them.


4. Ride of My Life: This film follows a fellow around as he has a custom bike built exactly to his tastes. Really most interesting are the looks we get inside the factories of some of the biggest brands out there. Heck, maybe it’ll give you a few ideas for your own custom bike build.

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5. Andy Schleck: My Tour Though the subtitles aren’t for everyone (especially when they’re in a foreign language), I really enjoyed this look at Andy’s preparation for the 2011 Tour de France. Pretty cool behind-the-scenes doc on what it’s like to be a pro racer with plenty of expectations placed upon you for the biggest race in the sport.



Those are my top picks these days. Seen any good ones lately? Be sure to share them in the comments section below!

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