Cyclist Pulls in Front of a Supercar – Don’t Try This at All

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The London Cyclist vs. The Lamborghini Driver

The tension between cyclists and non-cycling drivers continues with the latest video of car against bicycle in which both sides are acting kinda silly. Check out the video below, and maybe don’t read all the uncouth expletives people have added in the comments section.

Next, read Green Car Report’s vilification of the Lamborghini Aventador driver’s actions.

What do you think? Who’s in the right?

When I saw this conversation on both sides of the coin–one from irritated drivers, the other from folks who can’t stand irresponsible supercar street racers–I knew it showcased the immature viewpoints of both sides of the coin. In this video, the cyclist appears to pull out in front of the Lamborghini on purpose in order to mess up his high-brow video parade, which is not exactly smart (what if the driver was checking his makeup for the cameras?). On the other hand, the driver gets angry and antagonizes the cyclist, who antagonizes the driver back by stopping. In reality, this could have gotten very, very ugly. Not to mention, the driver could be enticed to take out his anger on an unsuspecting, law-abiding cyclist further down the road.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic illustration–despite being a proper showdown–on what not to do as a cyclist (also a great example on the need for proofreading: “Is the cyclist think he’s a hero?”). But maybe you disagree? Stay safe out there, folks, and comment with your couple of pennies below!

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