How Not To Be A Jerk Cyclist

26 April, 2016 Alpha Ninja

Editor’s Note: You may notice a slight change in voice here. We’re happy to introduce our newest contributing writer at SLO Cyclist: The Alpha Ninja. Former racer. All-around generous human being. Razor sharp tan lines. The Alpha Ninja hopes to be here for the long haul. The following was the […]

Cyclist Pulls in Front of a Supercar – Don’t Try This at All

9 August, 2013 Bek

The London Cyclist vs. The¬†Lamborghini Driver The tension between cyclists and non-cycling drivers continues with the latest video of car against bicycle in which both sides are acting kinda silly. Check out the video below, and maybe don’t read all the uncouth expletives people have added in the comments section. […]

Ride Safely in Traffic

29 March, 2013 Bek

When it comes to sports like cycling, I’ve heard two types of opinions on safety. From my family: “Get out and ride, you’ll be fine! Go have fun and do what you love!” From my husband’s family: “Are you wearing a bright enough color? Shouldn’t you be more worried about […]