Fi’zi:k’s Aliante Saddle Drops Weight and Gets a New, Refined Shape

The 2015 Fi'zi:k Aliante Is Slimmer and Lighter

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Aliante by Fizik

If you’re a “Aliante by Fizikbull,” and you’re looking for a new saddle this season, you might take a look at the updated fi’zi:k Aliante. One of the industry’s most popular saddles, this year’s R1 iteration boasts a shaving of 30 hefty grams from previous models. Geared toward the balance of comfort and performance, the Aliante is designed for the least flexible rider in the “Spine Concept” spectrum (if you’re wondering what I mean by that, check out this article detailing fi’zi:k’s saddle classifications based on a rider’s body).

While the Aliante will retain its popular and classic Contact Zone shaping, it will now feature a Twin Flex shell–which gives the saddles a marriage of flexibility and firmness that allow for plenty of power generation. Add to that a slimmer nose and round, supportive tail, and you’ve got a saddle that, in theory, should propel you faster with much more comfort.

You’ll still get a choice of rails with the Carbon Braided version or the K:ium, which also affect the overall weight of the saddle, and an improved scuff guard keeps the cover materials safe when you feel like leaning it against a rough surface (or, let’s face it, when you forget to clip out at a stop sign).

Available in the R1, R3, and R5, the range of Aliantes vary in the materials in their shell and rAliante by Fizikail options.

  • The R1 (weighing in at 185g)–replete with carbon fiber thermoplastic composite with Kevlar panel–comes with braided carbon rails.
  • The R3 (starting at 195g)–with glass fiber thermoplastic shell–has the option of braided carbon rails or fi’zi:k’s popular K:ium rails.
  • The R5 (hitting the scales at 245g) features a glass fiber thermoplastic shell on K:ium rails.
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Basically, you’ve got options in the Aliante range, and promised comfort for those who can’t rotate forward as well as more flexible riders. In addition to options in materials, you’ll also find plenty of color combos to go with your bike. And I must say that I’m diggin’ the two-tone stripe.

The range of Aliante saddles start at a pretty competitive $175 for the R5; and $200/$250 (in K:ium or Braided Carbon rails respectively) for the R3; and finally up to $300 for the R1. Look for them now at your local bike shop or at fi’zi:k’s website.


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