Kask Enters the Dirt Arena with the All-New Rex Helmet

KASK's Rex should appeal to the Cyclocrosser who wants extra protection and comfort

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I know what you’re thinking right now. Isn’t SLO Cyclist just about road cycling? The answer is, of course, defninitely. We’re all about road. We’re all about the everything of road. But we’re using Kask’s MTB launch to announce a segue into the dirt path. No, we’re not going all-out mountain on you. But we are doing what roadies have done for years now: Cyclocross.

Not really all of us, though. We’re introducing our full-fledged CX Editor, Shane. Consider this preview of KASK’s Rex an entry into all things ‘Cross in what I like to call our cross-section. But no one else around here thinks that pun is terribly funny. So instead, we’re calling it SLO Cyclist Gets Cross.

No, I’m still kidding. Whatever, it’s our new thing. Just in time for ‘cross season too. Hope you dig it! (Get it? Dirt? OK, I’m stopping.)

–end Editor’s note–

For those Cyclocrossers out there who prefer a MTB helmet–or are really more concerned about fit and protection than classifications–this helmet might be for you. Here’s what KASK has in store:

KASK Rex MTB Helmet

Designed by a company which creates arguably the Cadillac of helmets, KASK enters the MTB scene with a plush and high coverage new offering. As one who personally rides a KASK Vertigo, I can attest to its unparalleled comfort, fit, and cooling–features which should offer the mud-laden, redlining ‘crosser a respite from feeling closed in with a heavy and hot helmet at low speeds. Here are the specs:

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Kask Rex MTB Helmet RedVents: 20

Weight: 290 grams

Removeable Visor & Goggle Clip

Sizes: M (52-58cm), L (59-62cm)

Colors: Red, Light Blue, Lime, or White

Release Date: Christmas 2015
Kask Rex MTB Helmet Lime GreenMade with maximum comfort and protection in mind, KASK went to high-level mountain riders across disciplines to develop their new foray into the MTB world. Promising extensive coverage of your head at the Lower Occipital bone and temporal region, KASK ports over its Octo-fit system to make sure the helmet fits your head securely. Add to this new padding that KASK claims better evaporates sweat, keeping it out of your eyes and helping to regulate your temperature.

KASK finishes off their new Rex with their signature leather strap, and an integrated but removable camera clip. For those of you who are looking to complete your ‘Cross kit with this, the visor and goggle clips are completely removeable. The Rex releases officially this Christmas. For more info, head to www.Kask.it

So what do you think? Are you hitting the cyclocross scene this season too?

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