Looking for Light and Comfy? Check Out Velo’s New Angel Saddles

The Angel Wing Saddles are aptly name, and most likely several grams lighter than a real angel's wings.

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Velo Angel Wings Saddle

IMG_6688 Velo Saddles unveiled their new line at this year’s Sea Otter Classic and we’re impressed! At first glance the saddles while nice looking didn’t appear much different than most sleek road saddles currently on the market. But on closer inspection there are some really unique design advances at work in the Angel Wing concepts. Not to mention some super crazy awesome amazingly weightless tech at play.

First off, the profile is lower than most other saddles, making it appear almost flat. While my first thought was, “that can’t be comfortable” because of the seamless and moulded body, after feeling the dense gel padding and flexible design I definitely wanted to clamp one of these down to my seat post for a few rides. Not to mention the design makes them pretty much waterproof. The materials are very forgiving and supportive to the touch with the intent to reduce unnecessary weight and create a sleekly efficient design. While I’m all for low weight and high style, I generally prefer comfort over a few grams. I think Velo’s new models might just offer both.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Velo saddle without the wow factor. Literally. Running from the middle of the saddle all the way out the back is a full cut-out channel. At the rear, a small arch brace is the only connection from the left “wing” to the right “wing”–otherwise they operate almost independently thanks to Velo’s rail design and saddle construction. This should allow a rider great flexibility and comfort while again reducing excess weight.

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This technology is a refinement of their Weightless Open Wing (WOW) saddle that debuted last year at the Taipei Cycle Show. The goal of WOW, and the refined Angel line, is to create a saddle that eliminate numbness, provides comfort, reduces weight and still maintains style and performance. From what I saw at Velo’s booth, they may have my new favorite saddles. Did I mention amazingly light weight? I almost couldn’t believe their carbon version . . . it might just show up as negative grams on the scale (OK, I’m kidding, but really it’s like a feather).

From their heaviest model, the gel infused Angel Ride at only 245 grams, all the way up to their Angel Glide model with carbon base and rails, at a mere 120 grams, these saddles have us really excited. The full Angel line comes in both 127 and 145 mm widths and retails for $130 with the carbon Glide retailing for $290.

Feel like trying one for yourself? Get more info at Velo’s official website. If you do, be sure to let us know how you like it!


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