Personalize Your RoadID with New Badges! – Images to Accessorize Your Road ID Elite or Slim

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RoadID slim with new badges
RoadID now offers badges that show off your passion!
RoadID slim with new badges
RoadID now offers badges that show off your passion!

Perhaps the coolest accessory you can get for your swim, ride, run, or other activity is the RoadID. Fashionable, awesome, and just plain useful, RoadID is a must for any athlete–especially if you train on your own a lot. I have had my WristID Elite for a few years now, and it’s become an almost constant accessory–especially since my penicillin allergy could result in a life-threatening situation.

For those of you who don’t know about RoadID, it offers fellow athletes or emergency professionals with a quick way to get in touch with your friends or family while also allowing you to list important things like allergies and blood type. It also offers space for you to include a witty or meaningful slogan below your contact info that shows off your individuality. Mine, for instance, reads “SLO Cyclist/Alpha Ninja”–I know what you’re thinking, “Those nicknames are so awesome!!! I wish they were mine!” No stealing, folks. My husband, on the other hand has an inspiring slogan: “Tri Harder.” Clever, but tough to nickname.

Anyway, RoadID has upped their game now with badges! These little markers of individuality simply clip onto your existing Elite or Slim–or you can add them to your newly ordered ID. With a trove of images to choose from so far, you can add a bike chain, distances, armed forces affiliations, and more. I have it on good authority–from the man Wimmer himself–that the company will soon be rolling out more options including a triple image combo swimmer/cyclist/runner among others. But perhaps most exciting: they’ll soon allow you to upload your own image to a badge. Now that’s brilliant.

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One slight bummer, however, is that these badges are only compatible with the Elite and the Slim. Perhaps in the future they will expand their offerings to the Sport, etc.

Click the banner below to head over to RoadID’s site and pick up your choice of badge. At $4.99, they’re a little steep, but a pretty fun accessory just the same.

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