The S-Works Evade – A Faster, Cooler, and Road-Worthy Aero Helmet

27 June, 2013 Bek

  Evie Stevens, Mark Cavendish, and Tom Boonen all have something in common–they’ve been winning lately wearing Specialized’s newest aero road helmet, the S-Works Evade. Specialized will officially release this product to the public this summer, and for the serious roadie or triathlete who could use several seconds in advantage–46 […]

Saddle Pain? Why a Custom Cycling Saddle Might be in Your Future

25 June, 2013 Bek

You may have heard about new technology recently developed by the German company¬†Gebio Mized that allows bike fitters to measure pressure points along your saddle. Basically, it’s a much higher-tech version of Specialized’s “butt-o-meter” that measured the distance between your sit bones, but this scanner offers professional fitters with a […]

Top Bike Racing Tips – How You Can Join the Peloton

23 June, 2013 Bek

The morning of my first race, I couldn’t eat. I checked and re-checked my gear, and I probably threw up at least once. Much of my pre-race jitters came from not knowing what to expect from the pack, whether or not my legs were solid enough to hang, and wondering […]

Why the Giro Air Attack Helmet Should Be Your Next Upgrade

21 June, 2013 Bek

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to buy speed–at least not without months and months of training to make drops in weight actually matter. But the new Giro Air Attack helmet offers you just that: speed without the work. Although it may look like something straight from the […]