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SPURCYCLE bicycle titatnium multi tool

Spurcycle, makers of arguably the spiffiest and best bike bell you can find, have come to the table with a new multi-tool. Made in the USA, the Ti Tool also includes a convenient carry case that is slim and fits in a jersey pocket.

SPURCYCLE bicycle titatnium multi tool


Available for pre-order at a price of $69, this minimalist tool looks to be pretty easy to tote on the rode without bulk and weight. Machined from Grade 5 titanium at Paragon Machine Works in California, Spurcycle’s Tool has a compact body with sliding handle that allows for quick T-form or L-form leverage depending on adjustment.

Included bits are chrome-coated S2 steel, and are designed to make for quick swaps and easy replacement. Just about every bit you’ll need for on-the-go adjustments seems to be here with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex as well as T10 and T25 torx, and a Phillips #2.

SPURCYCLE bicycle titatnium multi tool

The carry case is also made in the USA. Hand-stitched in San Francisco. It stows in a jersey pocket with, according to the Spurcycle folks, “no sharp edges to dig into your back, making access quick and easy.” They’ve also designed it to save room for cash and small glueless patch kit.

The inclusion of the minimalist carry case definitely kicks this tool up above lots of other multi-tools, and the sliding handle allows you to get more leverage when you need it, while making sure it still fits well in aforementioned case.

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SPURCYCLE bicycle titatnium multi tool


The brothers behind Spurcycle are quite fastidious in their design and manufacturing process, which has been evident in the success of their bells. So, we’re guessing that this new multi-tool should reflect that commitment to quality.

For more info on the Ti Tool, check out the Spurcycle website, or ask for it at your LBS.

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