UnTapped Launches Pure Maple Syrup Energy Gels

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UnTapped Maple Syrup

At last year’s Tour of California, a huge crowd is gathered around the team Cannondale bus for one reason, and one reason only: Peter Sagan.

When the glitzy RV door finally opens, the entire crowd is sure it’s the oh-so-socially accepted Peter. Suddenly, a piercing scream and an “ERMAHGAHD!!!! IT’S TED KING!!!” emits from the throat of Ted King himself as he appears, enigmatic and fresh in green lycra.

If you don’t know why Ted King is kind of a big deal, check out his social media presence, and read his I Am Ted King blog. It only makes sense that he’s the face of a new energy source: UnTapped.

King teamed up with Slopeside Syrup to “bring maple to the masses” through pure maple syrup energy gels. Since its crowdfunded beginnings, endurance athletes have anxiously awaited the news the launch of UnTapped. Why? Because it kind of makes a lot of sense. Minerals, antioxidants, and a low glycemic index make maple syrup a great source of energy for cyclists–especially since it’s a pretty simple and natural source.

I haven’t tried UnTapped yet, but when I do I’ll let you know how it works for me. But based on rides after breakfasts involving maple syrup, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the real deal. Plus, the plaid packaging kinda makes it irresistible. Watch their official video to meet Ted King (if you haven’t already), the skiing Cochran family, and the origins of their big idea to put syrup-powered energy in your jersey pocket.

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Wanna try UnTapped Maple Syrup for yourself? At roughly $2 per packet, you can grab a 5-pack for $9.95, and a box of 20 will run you about $34.95. Head over to the UnTapped website if you want to pick up a pack or two for yourself, and let me know what you think.

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