Free a Stripped Screw from Your Bike Frame – Tested Tips!

24 July, 2013 Bek

Last weekend, I planned log some serious miles, and break out from my squeeze-in-a-short weekday rides or (let’s face it) super quick trainer workouts. Geared up in a brand new kit, I slung a with a musette over one shoulder holding a matching kit (nicknamed “Ninja Lycra” by the way, […]

Specialized’s SWAT Shiv – Stay Super Aero While Carrying it All

21 July, 2013 Bek

Taking all the necessary food, flat repair, tools, and whatever else can be rather frustrating–especially if we’re trying to keep it aero. So Specialized has considered all the necessities and decided to use the empty aero space to contain it all. Although it’s not been properly released to the public, […]

Make Your Own Custom Cycling Cap

17 July, 2013 Bek

Every cyclist needs a cap to go along with their kit to make them completely legit. Plus, it’s always (well, usually always) fun to make crafts that go right along with our passion for bikes. So, make your own cycling cap! Although I’m a relative newbie to sewing machines–missing my […]

How to Avoid Heel Strike & Building an Efficient Running Stride

16 July, 2013 Bek

Running. It’s important. Especially if you’re training for the zombiepocalypse . . . or a triathlon. But some of us (OK, me), are really bad at it. If you’re looking to improve your running form to lower your overall triathlon time, or to keep you injury free, I’ve learned a […]

Stop the Bonk with Coca Cola – The Tastiest Tip Ever

13 July, 2013 Bek

I love Coca Cola. Especially Cherry Coke. It’s a habit I’ve only had marginal success controlling for months at a time, and it oftentimes hampers my goals for getting in racing shape or even having a successful training session. Drink a Coke right before swimming, and you’ll quickly find that […]

Swim Longer, Faster, and Calmer with Distances & Breathing Drills

11 July, 2013 Bek

I’ll tell you a slight secret–I’m rather prone to panic attacks, and there’s something about swimming that can trigger panic like nobody’s darn business. When I first started triathlon, I struggled to swim any real distance without popping out of the water like a sputtering whale. I would swim 50 […]