Perks of the Maillot Jaune – Froome Gets Jaguar F-Type after The Tour de France

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Chris Froome relaxes in his new Jaguar after winning the Tour de France
Chris Froome relaxes in his new Jaguar after winning the Tour de France

Originally Posted by: David Hurth of The Sports Car Guys blog, which is a totally awesome resource for car enthusiasts! All text written by The Sports Car Guys because I know nothing about cars. I can only hope Froome is headed for some drive-thrus in that sweet ride–he really needs to put back on a few pounds. 😉

“When you’ve just won a grueling bicycle race, probably the first thing you want to do is get in a car and drive instead of pedaling. That was probably the case for Chris Froome who just won the Tour de France. Fortunately, he had a very nice ride waiting for him because of his win, a new Jaguar F-Type. The convertible sports car was given to Chris for his great racing. The F-Type was the V6, so not the more powerful V8 engine, but if you race for a living anyway and someone gives you an F-Type, you don’t complain.

Chris looks very happy in his new car and we are sure that he will be driving for a little while until he gets back to training. The convertible should be a perfect cruiser for the champion and we figure he is already fitting a bike rack on that car. Let us know what you think of Chris winning a Jaguar F-Type for winning the Tour de France in the comments below.” – See more at: The Sports Car Guys’ blog.

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