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The latest and greatest cycling documentaries and movies on Netflix

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Rising from the Ashes documentary

Periodically, we like to remind you of cycling movies and documentaries available on Netflix for those of you suffering indoors on your trainer. Because what better way to get motivated about raising your V02 max than watching professionals raise theirs on TV, right? Without further pomp, here are all of the road cycling related titles available on Netflix as of now (note, these links likely will not work properly unless you’re signed in to your account):

My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes

Two-time Tour de France winner in 1938 and 1948, Gino Bartali spent much of WWII using his cycling as a cover to help deliver secret correspondence to the Italian Resistance. He also helped to hide Jewish refugees who were hiding from the Nazis. 

Clean Spirit

Follow the effort of team Argos-Shimano and their number-one sprinter, Marcel Kittel, as they compete in the 2013 Tour de France. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the battle between a team built for sprinting and the big man who has owned the discipline for years, Mark Cavendish. Of course, the best thing about this film might be the terribly innacurate subtitles–especially the English translation of English.

Stop at Nothing

However you feel about Lance Armstrong (I’m keeping mum on this one), this documentary is an interesting look at another side of the story that went on behind the cameras. With interviews by Franky and Betsy Andreu and other key players in the Armstrong saga, you’ll get a full glimpse at Armstrong’s tarnished career.

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Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist

A biographical documentary of the career of Marco Pantani, this film takes you through the highs and lows of a polarizing cyclist. Sometimes poignant, sometimes painful, get a look at the struggles of this pro who attempts to balance fame and scandal in the backdrop of cycling’s biggest races.

Slaying the Badger

In a cycling world where helmets were never normal, but down tube shifters were, Greg Lemond became the very first American to win The Tour de France. Add to this fact that he did so without much help from his teammate, 5-time Tour winner Bernard Hinault. Despite promising LeMond that he would help him win, Hinault lived up to his nickname, “The Badger” for one great reason: this honey-badger certainly didn’t care. Lemond wasn’t one to back down himself. Hence, one of the greatest years in Tour de France history. Catch all the action you were probably too young to remember in the 30 for 30 Documentary, Slaying the Badger. 

Rising from the Ashes

This documentary will make you think while it also reinforces the idea that cycling can offer healing from some of the most tragic circumstances. At times difficult to watch, but important nonetheless, Rising from the Ashes follows the journey of the Rwandan cycling team. This is a well-made documentary that moves from the genocide of the past to the team’s Olympic bid of 2012. (Image courtesy First Run Features)

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So that’s the round-up for today. We’d say it’s a pretty decent collection. Seen any or all of these? Let us know what you think!




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