Building Proper Running Form

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Let’s face it–running sucks. I have heard the myth called the runner’s high, but I have mostly experienced the runner’s low. Often, I have participated in so-called “fun runs” and wondered, “Where is the fun? This just feels like a horrible idea.”

If you’re like me, the last leg of a tri adds more time to your overall than you’d like, and perhaps some work on running technique is in desperate order.
This first video gives you the main idea behind the type of running stride you may want to achieve–including shots of an insanely fast athlete. Check it out, and notice the way she keeps from striding past her knees and leans forward just slightly. She obviously has a very low-impact form, which is key to preventing injury.

The following video explains in a lot more detail the running drills mentioned in the first video. Notice how Coach Eric really likes to watch himself run.

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