A Quick & Cheap Garmin Cadence Magnet Replacement

29 April, 2013 Bek

You’re speeding along enjoying a nicely paced training ride, when suddenly you realize your Garmin is no longer picking up your cadence. If you’re like me, several miles may have passed in blissful whistling before you notice that the sensor magnet on the crank arm has fallen completely off. Vowing […]

Gear Every Cyclist and Triathlete Should Own

27 April, 2013 Bek

Let’s face it, one of the coolest things about our sport is all the awesome gear you can try out–there’s always something new! Below, I’ve created a page where you can pick up some of the best cycling and triathlon products on the market. I have personally used all of […]

Why the New Cervelo P3 Should be Your Next TT Bike

27 April, 2013 Bek

By now, you may have heard of Cervélo’s new rendition of its classic P3 time trial bike. A proven winner, the folks at Cervélo have trickled down their P5 tech to the less pocketbook-denting P3. With the intent of giving serious age-groupers a more affordable edge over the competition, Cervélo […]

Why You Should Join a Local Cycling or Triathlon Team

25 April, 2013 Bek

You’ve probably seen them in their matching team uniforms swimming, cycling, or running in large groups. The local club out practicing for their next race, and looking good doing it. As a long-time member of two different teams, I can attest to the benefits of joining your fellow cyclists or […]

Catching on to Carbon Recycling

22 April, 2013 Bek

Looking at my almost new, shiny, beautiful, technologically up-to-date carbon fiber bicycle, I can’t quite imagine driving to a landfill and tossing it onto a pile of old mattresses, plastic bags, and water bottles. Especially since I look at my bike and think of all the CO2 I’m saving the […]

Sample the Menu – Try Event Nutrition Before The Race

21 April, 2013 Bek

I was several miles into the bike leg of a recent triathlon when I reached to my back pocket for a wildberry bar (a better tasting fig newton) and realized I had accidentally dropped my Ziploc bag of bars in the transition area. While slightly annoyed at my “too cool […]

Look Good in Stylish High Visibility Cycling Kits from Voler

16 April, 2013 Bek

While bright yellows and fuchsias have their uses on cloudy days, sporting a high-visibility jacket can often be excessive and distracting. Especially if you’re a follower of aesthetically pleasing cycling clothing. So what is a fashion-conscious cyclist to do? Get Voler’s new Vigore high visibility cycling kits! Not only does […]

Climbing Tips to Keep You Riding

10 April, 2013 Bek

If you’re like me, climbing is just something you have to deal with in order to get to that next stretch of flat road. If riding up hills isn’t your strong point, don’t stress. There are plenty of pro sprinters who get dropped from the peloton when the going gets […]

How to Buy Your First Road Bike: A Guide for New Cyclists

8 April, 2013 Bek

Perhaps you’ve seen people riding along the highway in their colorful kits, pedaling away in the sunshine. Or maybe your friend brought you along to a local triathlon, and you wondered why all the racers seemed so excited to swim, cycle, and run. However you fall into the sport, you’ll […]

Building Proper Running Form

7 April, 2013 Bek

Let’s face it–running sucks. I have heard the myth called the runner’s high, but I have mostly experienced the runner’s low. Often, I have participated in so-called “fun runs” and wondered, “Where is the fun? This just feels like a horrible idea.” If you’re like me, the last leg of […]

Why You Should Eat Pizza Before Your Next Swim

5 April, 2013 Bek

You’ve got an hour or two before your swim workout, and you need to get fueled up properly for all those meters you’ll face. Naturally you grab a nice, healthy salad with plenty of veggies, right? Nope! What you should reach for is that greasy, cheesy pizza that smells so […]

Preventing Cramps in Cycling and Triathlon

3 April, 2013 Bek

The other day, I had just finished swimming a quick 800 meters. As I pushed off the wall to start a few drills, my right calf seized up in an agonizing cramp. My friend helped me to the side of the pool, and I was able to stretch it on […]

Getting Grease Out of Your Jerseys

2 April, 2013 Bek

So you dropped a chain on a ride, got grease all over your gloves, and accidentally wiped them on your crisp, white, team jersey. Or maybe you rubbed some grit and grime onto your bib shorts putting your bike back on your car rack. However you got the grease on […]