Look Good in Stylish High Visibility Cycling Kits from Voler

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While bright yellows and fuchsias have their uses on cloudy days, sporting a high-visibility jacket can often be excessive and distracting. Especially if you’re a follower of aesthetically pleasing cycling clothing. So what is a fashion-conscious cyclist to do? Get Voler’s new Vigore high visibility cycling kits! Not only does it look totally pro, it also helps keep you visible to all those drivers by your side–who probably aren’t looking for you.

Many of my jerseys and bibs are from Voler, and I can honestly promote their high quality, made in America, cream of the clothing crop gear. The Vigore mixes all the best features of Voler’s lines with smart stripes and blocks of pleasing hi-vis tints.

How’s the fit?

Voler tends to fit very true to size, and a raglan race fit will feel tighter in the sleeves and waist elastic. It’s a much nicer cut than the club fit–although those jerseys don’t tend to ride up, they do tend to droop if you have a few heavy things in your pockets. My Lezyne Caddy Sack feels a bit excessive in the one club fit jersey I have–floppy jersey isn’t the most fashionable choice.

In my experience, and I have owned around 8 Voler kits and bibs, the higher quality line of bib shorts fits fairly true to size, but if you’re between two sizes go for the smaller one. Too large will offer excess fabric that tends to leave you with friction points.

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The new Genesis fabric wicks moisture like a dream, and feels smooth to the touch. One of the most comfortable kits I’ve ever worn. The wide arm bands without elastic also keep your circulation running smoothly instead of pinching tight rings into your skin. Flat seems also make chafing a thing of the past.

The full hidden zipper makes for a very clean look–unless the jersey fits a bit tight on you. I personally liked the look of the old white contrast zipper, but that’s merely a matter of personal taste.

Color Choice?

My only complaint would be in the featured women’s kit–we don’t all like pink, guys. It would be nice to be able to select the yellow that’s featured in the men’s sizes. But the Vigore is truly the sharpest mix of be-seen tech with totally Euro style. If you aren’t sure why it’s so great to be matchy-matchy without sponsors, read my post on fashion conscious kits.

Start being seen with class! Check out Voler’s Vigore! I’ve also hooked you up with $10 in Free Voler Rewards from the kindness of Voler’s hearts.


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