Hiplok Announces High Security Bike Hanger: AIRLOK

keep your bike locked while on display with the airlok

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airlok by hiplok

Back in my college days, I had friends on the cycling team who were cursed by the dorm lifestyle. Expensive bikes and shifty roommates meant little trust between pals. One of my friends, who owned a rather fancy BMC, would only leave it in his dorm after fixing to his bed frame with two u-locks and a chain.

Well, there’s no real punch line to my story, I don’t know if his bike ever got stolen. We’re not even good Facebook friends, but he apparently wouldn’t have had to bother with quite so much hassle if the folks at Hiplok (the makers of wearable locking solutions) had already released the Airlock.

The Airlok Stows Your Bike Securely

Launching their Kickstarter Campaign today, Hiplok is endeavoring to bring the world’s first high security bicycle storage hanger, AIRLOK, to market with Gold Rated security. This cool piece of tech is designed to keep your bike stuck to the wall inside, outside, at work, at home. And the design looks relatively sleek to us.

airlok by hiplok

Hiplok co-founder, Ben Smith, commented “When we started Hiplok, we set out to solve real world problems encountered by cyclists. To date there hasn’t been a stylish yet secure means of storing your bike – the choice has been unsightly ground anchors or beautiful wall hangers with no security. AIRLOK solves this problem combining top level security with elegant, functional design.”

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Here are more details direct from the folks at Hiplok: “AIRLOK has been designed to the maximum Sold Secure Gold rated security level. Secure wall fixings, hardened steel framework and a secure lockable bolt combine to keep your bike safe while displayed on your wall. The addition of an impact resistant outer casing further prevents access to the framework and fixings.

AIRLOK’s triangular shape provides stable storage for multiple styles and sizes of bicycle while the fully rubberised mouth prevents frame scratch and further adds to stability. Available in a choice of colours, the combination of clean lines and quality materials make the AIRLOK the ultimate display option for your bike while the inclusion of three coded replaceable keys maximises practicality.”

Hiplok Announces High Security Bike Hanger: AIRLOK

For more information, and to get in on the early bird deals, check out the Airlock Kickstarter. The campaign will run for one month commencing August 24th with a fundraising target of £70,000 (that’s about $92,500, in case you’re wondering).

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