Jet Roll Debuts Four New Models Including Pocket Aurora & Touring Red X

Jet Roll Starfighter, Aurora Pocket Model, Hypersonic X15, and Red X Review

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Jet Roll Starfighter, Aurora Pocket Model, Hypersonic X15, and Red X Review


Here at SLO Cyclist, we’re shameless about being on the Jet Roll bandwagon. It’s cool by us–we’re just honest. And recently we were stoked to get a few of the newest models into our office for review: the F-104 Starfighter, the Hypersonic X-15, and the Aurora pocket model. Plus, we grabbed a sneak peak at the new ultra-heavy-duty touring Jet Roll, The Red X.


Jet Roll Aurora Pocket Model

Jet Roll Aurora Pocket

Weight: 8 Grams

Colors: Matte Black with Silver Interior

Price: Packaged free with the F-104 Starfighter for $65

The Aurora weighs just 8 grams, which means it’s seriously lightweight, yet durable. It boasts a silver-lined interior that is something akin to a NASA blanket in its feel and thickness. An outer band compresses this puppy closed–no buttons or Jet Roll Aurorastraps here.

I know the Aurora is simple, but it’s acutally quite useful in its organizational properties. I’ve always liked throwing a Jet Roll in my back pocket, but it can sometimes prove slightly bulky–not so with the Aurora. It’s that perfect solution for minimalist pocket packers.

What Will It Hold?

While it’s pretty thin, the Aurora still holds the same amount of flat-fixing gear as other Jet Roll models. I was able to stuff a spare tube, CO2 pump, multi-tool, patch kit, and cash/ID while still being able to stretch the compression band over it. It was a tight fit, but I did it.

Yet, I quite prefer to use the Aurora as a complement to the Jet Roll Hypersonic (which is packaged together) as an organizer for keys, money, cards, and other stuff that usually gets stuffed into random jersey pockets.

How Does it Handle Water?

In fact, I found this edition of the Jet Roll to be pretty water tight, which means that sweat-soaked dollar bills are a non-issue. I even took it a step further by holding the whole roll under running water–packed with cards and gear–no water got through to the Aurora’s contents. Pretty sweet for those of you riding in the rain, or worse. Plus, the outer band that wraps everything up tightly offers some grip on the inside of your pocket, so it pretty well stays put.

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To pick up the Aurora, you can grab it as part of a packaged deal with the all new Jet Roll F-104 Starfighter, which means the Aurora tags along for free.


The F-104 Starfighter

Jet roll f-104 StarfighterColors: Silver on Black or Pearl White on Black

Price: $65 (includes free Aurora Pocket Model)

Definately thicker, and heavier-duty than other Jet Roll models, the Starfighter is a new release this week. It’s constructed with a super strong, yet soft, material and a cool prismatic pattern. It actually shines.

A single button closure keeps the Starfighter firmly closed when on your saddle rails, but this edition also comes with the same compression band that holds the Aurora tight. Personally, I’ve always liked the button editions of Jet Rolls–they tend to eliminate user installation error (just ask our Chief Editor about her careless first trial with Jet Roll back in the day), and they keep the roll . . . well . . . rolled.

This Starfighter definitely screams class on the bike, and it fits all the usual flat-fixing gear quite easily. Plus you can choose between a white or black rail strap (nice move, Jet Roll folks, nice move). Definitely made to last.

Get more info on the Starfighter at Just Enough Tools’ official site. 


The Hypersonic X-15

Jet roll hypersonic X-15Weight: 12 grams

Colors: Vapor White with Neon Orange or Yellow Accents

Price: $50

Now the Hypersonic is just plain cool. Ultra lightweight, but still stocky in its construction, the Hypersonic loses the button and all extraneous materials to shed extra grams. I’m especially digging the white and orange contrast, which matches one of my bikes quite well.

I found this model to be one of the sturdiest Jet Rolls around–no trouble packing it full of gear. The material is much thinner than the aforementioned Starfighter, which means you can carry it more easily in a jersey pocket (this one has a compression band as well). I’m also never afraid of tearing the stitching or stretching the fabric if I’m trying to throw in an extra CO2 cartridge or something.

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This one stands up to abuse, and the white material wipes down easily to keep it looking nice. In fact, in the interest of a full review, I tempted the Hypersonic’s pristine white finish with tire-stained and grease-laden hands. The result? While I used a few tricks from our past article on removing grease stains, the material did quite well in the test. It cleaned up fairly easily, and returned basically to its former glory.

For more info on the Hypersonic X-15, check out Just Enough Tools’ official site.


The Red X (Preview)

Jet Roll Red X

Price: $150 (pre-order)

Colors: Matte Graphite with Copper Buttons

All right, this one we haven’t tried yet. But the pictures alone caught our attention. As one who is starting to mix up my road rides with gravel and mud runs, the Red X stands out as a super useful way to pack along a ton of extra gear (like tires). If you’re into long-distance touring, this seems like a great alternative to larger packs.

Two straps here attach at your saddle rails and down the seat post. According to the folks behind Jet Roll, this will carry up to two folding road tires (700x25c) or one CX folding tire with two tubes, small pump, and a ton of other accessories. We’re hoping to get one of these in to our offices to test in the near future, and we can give you more details on the capacity and usability of the Red X.

Head over to Just Enough Tools’ official site for more info on their upcoming release of the Red X.

Until then, don’t forget to let us know what you think! We’re always listening, for sure.


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