Lezyne Digital Pumps, Silca SuperPista, Brooks Saddles – New Release Roundup

Lezyne's Digital Pressure Drive, Over Drive Floor Pump, Silca's SuperPista, and Brooks 150th Anniversary Saddles

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silca super pista

This week proved a busy one in product releases, and we’re grabbing some of the coolest stuff from our inbox to share with you all. Check these out, and let us know what you want to see reviewed in depth.

Silca’s New SuperPista Floor Pump

silca super pistaPrice: $235

Basically supercars of the tire inflation world, Silca pumps have long been regarded as unattainable for many bike mechanics. But now Silca has finally released a more budget-friendly version of its SuperPista Ultimate (which will run you $450). The new SuperPista is still a sleek, 100% aluminum construction that’s completely void of plastic components, and contains similar power and accuracy as its bigger brother, the Ultimate.

Made with an extra wide base for stability, the SuperPista is, according to Silca, cycling cleat friendly–which means you won’t wear your cleats down just by filling your tires. Additionally, the tough ballistic nylon overbraid hose provides 5 times the life expectancy and half the compression of a traditional rubber hose. Plus the push-on/push-off Schrader chuck allows for bleeding.

silca super pistaOf course, our big question is whether many cyclists will shell out the couple hundred for this pump, but we also have heard from many home wrenchers who have drooled over the super high quality of the Ultimate for years–now perhaps this price tag is a little more enticing for folks.

What makes the SuperPista cool? Full-grain leather gasket and IGUS (™) linear bearings promise ultimate smoothness–this pump is highly engineered. A solid wooden handle and a larger gauge that claims to get you within 2% of your goal pressure, which is repeatable to within 1%. If so, this makes it more than 2.5x more accurate than traditional floor pump gauges. And that makes a difference.

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More info at Silca’s website


Lezyne Digital Pressure Drive

lezyne digital pressure drivePrice: $69.99
A couple of years ago, we were digging the release of Lezyne’s gauge drive, and we’re stoked to see the next evolution of the gauge system in Lezyne’s highly portable and lightweight pumps.

 With a super low-profile LCD digital gauge integrated into its aluminum construction, this super power pump claims to get you to 120 psi (8.3 bar). Utilizing the ABS Flex hose that is both Presta and Schrader compatible, the Digital Pressure Drive also has an ABS button to bleed off excess pressure, which makes sure you’re not unthreading your valve core.

The 1.6″ digital display puts the gauge into the body of the pump where it should prove simple to read and easy to use. With an auto shutoff function and claimed high accuracy, we’re stoked on Lezyne’s latest creation–especially if the hose length is longer than the original ABS flex hose design.

More info at Lezyne’s website


Digital Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump

lezyne digital pressure overdrivePrice: $129
Running tubeless tires? Sick of using of air compressors or wasting CO2? Lezyne has you covered with its new digital floor pump. Capable of seating tubeless systems, the Digital Pressure Over Drive uses an integrated foot-lever to throw a powerful and continuous blast of air. Just flip the lever up, fill the chamber to 220 psi, flip the lever down, and watch the pump do all the work for you. Without CO2.
A digital gauge rounds out the newness factor with claims of high accuracy and high precision. Constructed from high-grade steel and aluminum, the Digital Pressure Over Drive should live up to Lezyne’s reputation for quality and durability. The ABS2 chuck is both Presta and Schrader compatible with an air bleed system and quick release design. Oh, and, don’t worry if you’re not running tubeless, the Over Drive can also be used as a regular floor pump.

More info at Lezyne’s website

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Brooks Releases Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Saddles

brooks saddle swallowWe’re still drooling over the lightweight carbon Cambium C13, and we’ve heard your requests for a review of that ultimate of Brooks saddles. We’re on it. Don’t worry.

But until then, we’re digging the 150 anniversary editions of Brooks’s most popular saddles. Since John Boultbee Brooks lost his horse, discovered the joy of bicycles, and designed his own saddle, his company has come a long way–still holding its reputation for crafting some of the most comfortable saddles out there.

To celebrate their 150th year, Brooks England announces the release of a series of their most iconic saddles resplendent in copper plated frames with hand-hammered copper rivets and black leather for 2016. The models available are the classic best-seller B17, its touring counterpart the Flyer, the B67 for city bikes, the B33 for heavy duty, and the Swallow for racing–all delivered in Special Edition packaging.

More info at Brooks’ website

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