Scicon Rain Bag Review – The Ultimate Cycling Kit Storage

Scicon's Rain Bag is finally available to purchase worldwide, and we're stoked.

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scicon rain bag review

I don’t generally get stoked over bags. In fact, I have a really bad relationship with them. Somehow when I finally commit to one, they disappoint me. Not enough pockets, too many pockets, too bulky to pack around.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found the one. The bag that never disappoints. The bag that has ruined all other bags for me. The Scicon Rain Bag.

The Scicon Rain Bag Review – Specs

scicon rain bag reviewPrice: 120€ (approximately $135 dollars) with free worldwide shipping

Dimensions: Length 14.5″ x Depth 9.5″ x Height 8″

Coolness Factor: Your name and flag of choice custom printed on your bag

Link: More Info at Scicon’s Site

Upsides: This bag is sturdy, compact, and holds tons of extra cycling kit. Here’s a list of what I stuffed into it at once: Jersey, Bib Shorts, Baselayer, Rain Jacket, Wind Vest, Arm Warmers, Knee Warmers, Ear Warmers, Full and Half Gloves, Socks, Shoes, Shoe Covers, Cleats, Sunglasses, Cycling Cap, Heart Rate Monitor, RoadID, Head & Tail Light, Chamois Cream, & Sunscreen.

That’s a serious load of kit.

Perhaps the best thing about all that fitting into one bag? It’s relatively organized by labels and zippers, and I can just grab it and go. I know everything is there in one shot, and if I need something, I don’t have to dig through a bottomless pit duffel bag trying to find a vest. Or, worse yet, use my helmet as a tote and toss it in the car (you know you’ve done it) filled with all those, “I might need this too,” items.

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Downsides: Honestly, I really didn’t have many dislikes here. Although, it would be nice to have a few more color options–as it is now, it’s classic Scicon black, which is cool. The one thing I wish this had is perhaps more labels. The variety of gear I stuff into this little bag could be slightly more organized by adding words like “baselayers.” But, I do think that’s being slightly nitpicky.

How It Works

Scicon Rain BagWith 6 pockets, this little dynamo holds pretty much everything in a very compact package. Two labeled, zippered pockets on top hold vests and jackets and jerseys and bibs. Flip the bag upside down and two more pockets hold gloves and arm/knee warmers. On one side, the bag’s interior is reserved for shoes while the other end gives you a mesh pocket with a waterproof barrier–great for stuffing a wet jacket in at the end of a ride. A second mesh pocket on the inside flap of the shoe compartment is perfect for adding a spare set of cleats and shoe covers.

Why It’s So Useful

It’s a little hard to dismiss the handy nature of the Rain Bag. It simplifies so many things. Whether or not you’re racing, you’ll definitely find that stowing your arm warmers and gloves and shoes and vest in one compact package is so darn convenient. No more digging through random drawers or pulling kit from all areas of the house to make sure you’ve got everything together for your next ride or race. In fact, I tend to use the mesh pocket to store other pieces of my kit–sunglasses, socks, heart rate strap, and chamois cream all fit easily where I know I won’t forget them.

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Scicon RainbagAnd, if you still think this bag is just for racers, consider those days that you drive to get to a group ride. I, in fact, sometimes travel 40 minutes or more to join a group on a new route. Micro-climates around the coast here mean that while one city may be 80 degrees and sunny, the next town over might be foggy and freezing. Knowing that I could always count on my Scicon Rain Bag to be there for me when I needed to throw on some knee warmers was comforting. That’s the true test of a committed relationship. We’re in this together.

The Verdict

In short, I love this bag. It’s the perfect complement to every cyclist’s collection of riding gear. At $135, it might be a little pricey for the budget-conscious rider, but that also means it makes a superb gift for that awesome cyclist in your life (which might also be yourself). As gifts go, I think this one is splurge-worthy.

Grab Your Own at Scicon’s Site

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