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Originally, we featured these easy on the stomach and quick nutrition fixes in our guide to things you’ll definitely want before your next triathlon. Check it out for more cool stuff to help you get through all three phases of your next tri. But first, read ahead for our full review.


Slammers Protein Pouches Review

slammers proteinPrice: $5.99 per box of 4 (but generally less)

Ingredients: Lots, but all of them love you. Click here for a breakdown of the nutrition.

OK, you’re training hard. You’re packing in the miles. You’re pounding gels like no one’s business. And you’re totally sick of that syrup consistency. Well we’ve got an alternative here, and it may surprise you.

Slammers Protein is an offshoot of what originally was Baby Gourmet food. Pro athletes actually gave the makers of Baby Gourmet the idea to create a new line geared toward endurance junkies. These pro’s fueled with these convenient food pouches on long training runs and rides without causing any stomach distress. And, yes, Slammers Organics was born.

After testing each of the flavors, I can attest to the fact that they are easy on the stomach. In fact, because these are real food as opposed to engineered gels or bars, they give you quick sustained energy boosts over longer rides without leaving you feeling sick (OK, I didn’t try them while running because . . . well . . . running sucks).

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The size of the pouch fits easily in a jersey pocket, and you can I stuff two in a single pocket if you want. The screw top, however, might turn some riders off since it’s not as easily opened while riding. If you’re comfortable riding no-handed, or some semblance of one-handed, it shouldn’t be an issue.

As for taste, I definitely preferred them chilled. The Watermelon Kiwi Burst flavor hit me just right, and didn’t have an aftertaste. Pretty good stuff. I also tested the Creamy Banana Chocolate and Pomegranate Grape Crush, but wasn’t as quite into these flavors myself. As one who dislike bananas, I was a little turned off by the chocolate mix, but this seems like a great recovery option for those of you who enjoy bananas. Overall, the taste is generally pretty mild, but you’ll probably want to try a few different flavors to find one that you dig.

Grab your own Slammers at your local grocery store or Target

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