What Size is My Bike? How To Measure a Frame

30 January, 2015 Bek

Becky: “I bought an old bike from a garage sale, and I want to know what size it is. I have no clue how these things are measured or where to find this out. Can you help me?” The answer is Heck Yes! Measuring a bike frame is actually super […]

Why the SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack Has Sticking Power

29 January, 2015 Bek

Sometimes, I’m driving down the road with the rack on the roof of my Prius (don’t worry, my other car is much cooler), and I watch my fuel mileage plummet. All the while I’m turning up the radio to make it audible over the whistle of the empty rack. With […]

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Races (and Crashes) a Pinarello Dogma F8

28 January, 2015 Bek

I’m not much of a car person–hence all the bike related stuff–but when a car show showcases a Pinarello Dogma F8, I pay attention. On this week’s episode of Top Gear, the third episode of season 22, Richard Hammond gushes over and rides the fully featured, super light “£9,000” Pinarello. […]

UnTapped Launches Pure Maple Syrup Energy Gels

26 January, 2015 Bek

At last year’s Tour of California, a huge crowd is gathered around the team Cannondale bus for one reason, and one reason only: Peter Sagan. When the glitzy RV door finally opens, the entire crowd is sure it’s the oh-so-socially accepted Peter. Suddenly, a piercing scream and an “ERMAHGAHD!!!! IT’S […]

What Are Tubeless Road Tires?

13 January, 2015 Bek

Ryan: “I was riding with my buddy, and he said he doesn’t use tubes in his wheels. So what the heck is a tubeless tire, and why doesn’t he need tubes?” Great question, Ryan. Lately, there’s been plenty of debate on the pros and cons of tubeless tires. But I’ll […]

Riding into 2015 with SLO Cyclist; Or, Hmmm, What Next?

7 January, 2015 Bek

Vacation has ended. The holidays are over. It’s kinda cold outside–OK, well it was for a few days last week–and now it’s time to get back to work. So, since I’m waxing poetic these days with the quiet elation of being cleared to get back on the bike after a […]