Action Wipes – SLO Cyclist Insta-Reviews

28 February, 2015 Bek

With our foray into the world of Instagram (hello 2012!), we’re experimenting with some video projects. And if you know anything about Instagram video, you also know that each clip is limited to 15 seconds. So we took on the challenge, and we’re happy to introduce “Insta-Reviews.” Our first in […]

How to Clean Your Drivetrain – Comprehensive Bike Maintenance

26 February, 2015 Bek

In this second article on drivetrain maintenance, you’ll learn just how to give your bike the deep clean it needs to keep you hammering the hills in style. In case you notice a difference in voice, Lance from the CycleButtCrack blog (yep, seller of “cheeky” jerseys) approached us about appearing as […]

How to Clean Your Drivetrain – Quick Bike Maintenance

25 February, 2015 Bek

Over the next two articles, you’ll find out just how easy it is to perform a quick clean-up of your bike’s drivetrain, and, later, a full-on, deep clean of said drivetrain. In case you notice a difference in voice, Lance from the CycleButtCrack blog (yep, seller of “cheeky” jerseys) approached us […]

How to Pack for a Long or Short Bike Ride

18 February, 2015 Bek

I happened across the newest video from the fellows at GCN that details exactly what you should pack for a bike ride. And like any good cyclist, I promptly disagreed with their extensive packing list. Call it the difference between Brits and Americans, or just plain bike snobbery, I had […]

Rudy Project Releases ImpactX-2 Unbreakable Lenses

13 February, 2015 Bek

If you’re a fan of seeing, and I figure many of you are, you’ll be excited to learn that Rudy Project has just released its update to the Impact-X unbreakable lens. Unveiled at Interbike last September, the ImpactX-2 promises improved photochromatic particles that offer faster color transitions and better contrast. […]

How Often Should I Replace My Bike Tires?

12 February, 2015 Bek

Jared: “I’ve never changed the tires on my bike, and I’ve had it for two years. How do I know when I need new ones?” Jared: Back in college, I had a teammate on the triathlon team whose tires were practically leaking threads–always. One ride, we all went through a […]

Is Wood the New Carbon? Renovo Makes High-End Wooden Race Bikes

6 February, 2015 Bek

Many of you have seen wooden bikes these days. Awesome organizations building bamboo rides for low income economies have made a serious splash in goodwill circles. But these bikes have generally been aimed at the commuter who needs something durable yet inexpensive. So what if there was a wooden ride that […]

Go Behind the Scenes with Cannondale-Garmin & Wiggle Honda

5 February, 2015 Bek

A few new installments this week of videos from behind-the-scenes of the pro peloton (women’s and men’s). While you’re hammering out the hours on the trainer (foggy roads there too? bleh), you can pass the next 15 minutes, more or less, with these three looks at what the pros do […]

No Shower? No Problem. Freshen up with Action Wipes

2 February, 2015 Bek

You know you’ve done it. You’re at an expo, and there’s something particularly cool being handed out. Something you really want for your jersey pocket (ALL your jersey pockets), and it’s just sitting there. Free. You start to perspire maybe, and you walk a little too fast toward the table. […]