Joining In On The Sufferfest – A Road Cycling Training Diary

28 July, 2015 Bek

The name is accurate. Turn any of the videos on and The Sufferfest starts telling you how you should soon be feeling pain. Celebrating pain. Embracing pain and kissing it passionately. Voluntarily. A few months out from a small ordeal called having a baby, I sit on my bike spinning […]

What’s the Average Speed of Tour de France Riders in MPH?

16 July, 2015 Bek

Reese: “I’ve been watching the pro cyclists in the Tour de France this year, and I’ve heard some speeds thrown out here and there, but I can’t seem to figure out how fast they’re really going. What is a rider’s average speed in miles per hour?” This is a popular […]

How to Avoid Crashing When Rubbing Wheels on a Group Ride

13 July, 2015 Bek

If you’ve been keeping up with the Tour de France, you probably watched Tony Martin hit the asphalt hard. He finished the stage wearing the yellow jersey, but apparently the maillot jaune doesn’t do much to protect one’s collarbone. The crash? Well that was the result of Martin’s front wheel […]