Cycle Snap Mounts Save Space & Hold Your Bikes Securely – Review

Cycle Snap has an easy, simple, and inexpensive solution to your bike storage woes.

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Cycle Snap Mountain Bike Green

There’s a rule in cycling. It’s the N+1 rule. Where N is the number of bikes you have and +1 is the number of bikes you need. And when you have all of these bikes, if you’re like me, you’re probably having a bit of trouble figuring out how to store them all easily and efficiently.

Well trouble no more. Cycle Snap has arrived. In a super simple and ingenious design, the Cycle Snap is a USA-made, injection molded answer to your storage woes. Why? Cuz this little clip-like mount holds your bikes securely, upright against a wall. And, after having tested each version, I am stoked by the versatility and easy usefulness of this clip.

The folks behind the Cycle Snap were kind enough to send several samples to our office, and we’ve been high on these ever since. We’ve used them on everything from hybrid commuters and kids bikes to our carbon race bikes–yep, we’re confident enough in the quality to entrust our multi-thousand dollar fleet to their strength.

Cycle Snap Specs

Cycle Snap Mountain Bike GreenPrice: $19.99

Colors: White, Black, Orange, Pink, Green (Custom colors available too)

Sizes: Road (23-28mm), Hybrid 700c (32-38mm), Mountain/BMX (1.75-2.25″)

Upsides: Simple to install, easy to use, and holds your bike securely without damaging it.

Downsides: These puppies are so simple, we really didn’t find any downsides. Be careful to install them properly, and they shouldn’t cause you any pain.

The Review

Bikes Mounted with Cycle SnapPerhaps the coolest thing about these mounts is that you can use them pretty much anywhere. In my home, I’ve got a spare room to house my bikes and cycling gear, and these work well for indoor storage because they don’t damage walls in the way that other hooks or hoists do. Just two relatively small wood screws keep the Snap secure, and you can put bikes pretty close together along the wall. In fact, based on the proximity of the studs in the wall to each other (we all know it’s not always at a nice, even 16″ apart) you can get several bikes in a very compact row.

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With two options for your bike, vertical and horizontal, you can fit these in exactly the way that works best for you. I was actually able to get two bikes snugged up to each so that they measured 2.5′ across. That’s pretty compact. In fact, if you’re really into space saving, you can settle a small kids bike under and between two larger bikes for some seriously compact storage. But that comes with a disclaimer–I’m pretty sure the manufacturer doesn’t exactly recommend you crowding bikes in as tightly as is humanly possibly. But I did it. 😉

These take about 10-15 minutes to install–find a stud, measure the height, drill two holes, screw it in, mount your bike. Boom. You’ll have enough time to get in a quick 30 mile ride before anyone even knows you’re done solving your storage problems.

A Few Useful Tips

Make sure you are putting these puppies into a stud. Without a stud, you’ll pull the Cycle Snap straight off of the wall–and you’ll have a bit of a rough time getting it off the wheel it’s now locked into. Also, be careful to get the mount in level, so that your bike isn’t resting with turned handlebars, which not only looks lame, but is lame.

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Make sure your tire widths are within the size range listed–some tire manufacturers are a little loose on the actual size of their products, and your 28mm might actually be 30mm. If so, you likely won’t be able to snug it into the Cycle Snap. We were able to fit a 28mm tire into the Road Edition, but the tire measured closer to 27mm. Just something to be aware of if you tend to ride a wider tire in each of the Snap’s ranges. 

Workstand, Cycle Snap Edition

Cycle SnapEver washed your bike in the yard? One pretty sweet use we found for these mounts is on an outdoor fence. Yup. The Cycle Snap will hold everything nicely in place while you wash it, wax it, and polish it. The mount itself does great around water, and it holds your bike in the perfect position for getting at all the undercarriage parts.

The Verdict

We love Cycle Snaps and we think you probably will too. The versatility and simplicity of these mounts is unmatched. We highly recommend them to any rider who needs an inexpensive solution to their bike storage needs.

Ready to get a few for yourself? The folks at Cycle Snap have partnered with to let you buy them directly. But you should definitely stop by your local bike shop and ask them about the Cycle Snap as well.

Be sure to check out the Cycle Snap website for more info.

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