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SLO Cyclist's resident triathlete and cyclocrosser, Shane makes our site look pretty and is our official 'Cross and Triathlon Editor.

Polar M450 Computer Includes Maps and Custom Colors for $170

23 September, 2015 Shane

Last week at Interbike we previewed the latest cycling computer from Polar, the M450. In fact we were so interested to take a look that we made the crew at Polar cut their lunch from Subway short. Unfortunately, we can’t vouch for whether or not they were still stoked to eat […]

Here’s What We Saw At Interbike 2015

23 September, 2015 Shane

There’s nothing quite like the energy of Interbike–it could be all the neon buzz of Las Vegas with its abundance of gnarly (we’re stopping at gnarly). Sin City aside, we really enjoyed two days of outdoor demo and three days at the main show, and we wanted to give you a quick […]

SLO Cyclist Goes Cyclocross – New Section Launch

28 August, 2015 Shane

Sea Otter, 2015. April and unseasonably warm. The cyclocross track cut straight through the pavilion with manufacturer’s tents and flags skirting the boundaries. I stood at the base of a ramp preceded by an s-curve that most riders completed by skidding to the dirt. There was so much blood. So […]

Kask Enters the Dirt Arena with the All-New Rex Helmet

10 August, 2015 Shane

I know what you’re thinking right now. Isn’t SLO Cyclist just about road cycling? The answer is, of course, defninitely. We’re all about road. We’re all about the everything of road. But we’re using Kask’s MTB launch to announce a segue into the dirt path. No, we’re not going all-out […]

Catch The Latest Cycling Movies on Netflix

7 August, 2015 Shane

Periodically, we like to remind you of cycling movies and documentaries available on Netflix for those of you suffering indoors on your trainer. Because what better way to get motivated about raising your V02 max than watching professionals raise theirs on TV, right? Without further pomp, here are all of […]

Looking for Light and Comfy? Check Out Velo’s New Angel Saddles

6 May, 2015 Shane

Velo Saddles unveiled their new line at this year’s Sea Otter Classic and we’re impressed! At first glance the saddles while nice looking didn’t appear much different than most sleek road saddles currently on the market. But on closer inspection there are some really unique design advances at work in […]

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