The Best Way To Travel With Your Bike: Cardboard Box vs Bag vs Hard Case

We find out whether cardboard boxes, bike bags, or hard cases are the best way to transport your bicycle.

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SCI Con bike bag vs box vs bike case info

It’s an age-old debate, and one that you might not think could be so explosive: cardboard vs bags vs hard cases. Amidst all the name-calling and the moderated forum posts, it’s pretty tough to decide what actually is the best method for traveling with your bike.

SCI Con bike bag vs box vs bike case info

Fortunately, with the help of SCI-CON (makers of the oh-so-sweet rain bag), we’ve got an interactive infographic that will give you the low-down on exactly each pro and con of the three most popular bike packing methods.

Because, heck a cardboard box is cheap (or maybe even free), but there are some situations where spending some cash on a hard shell case will be worth it. Answer some easy questions, click along, and find out exactly what method will work best for you.


Click on the image below to view the best bike carrying case based on your top priorities: level of protection, portability, ease of packing, durability, or price.

SCI Con bike bag vs box vs bike case info

If you want a more awesome, visual, and shape-y way to view the above information, check out the next infographic. This one has diagrams with a summary of all the information you’ll find above.

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SCI Con bike bag vs box vs bike case info

Of course, you can also link over to the full article at SCI-CON for a full explanation of their charts. They discuss every aspect of packing up and traveling with your bike in detail: from how difficult it is to drag a cardboard box around an airport to how much the weight of a bike case comes into play.

But, hey, how do you fly or bus or train (is that right?) your bike from race to race or adventure to adventure or place to place? Be sure to get in touch with us to let us know.

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