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A friend of mine, much into his sports cars, was complaining about having to share the road with cyclists.  His argument, taxes paid by vehicle owners.  Point taken.  But what about the taxes cyclists pay as drivers and the obvious benefits.  Improved health, lack of greenhouse gasses, lower traffic impact are at the forefront we should consider.  Bicycles don’t wear roadways like trucks and large vehicles. Off-roaders may not have these problems. Maybe you want to leave comments.

 Good relations-Share the Road

What can we do to keep good relations as cyclists?   Is this a touchy subject?  I’ve been on both sides, having to go around a group of cyclists holding vehicle traffic.  Then having an inconsiderate driver almost run me off the road and there was plenty of room, just inattention.  It helps that more areas are becoming cycle friendly.  I’m out in the “boondocks” and some drivers just use these roads as a type of “autobohn”.  Fortunately the increase in cyclists out here, is having an impact.

More Roadies Means Greater Impact

More riders in city and rural areas cause greater awareness for all who use the roadways.  I’ve almost been run off the road, and know the frustration, but you learn to watch out for yourself.  New laws in our State may be helping, making vehicles pass with three feet on the side.  My friend has been venting about having to pass with so much space.  It saves injury and possibly lives.

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What Can I Do?

Keep your wits about you.  Wear proper gear, helmet and visible clothing.  Ride with traffic.  In dusk, dawn and dark hours, use lights and flashers.  Observe rules of the road.  Be understanding that drivers may not see you, as aggravating as it may be.  Look for comfortable equipment that may keep you safe – .  Get a good workout, ride and enjoy the overall experience; get home safe.


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