What It’s Like to Balance Cycling & Work

29 July, 2016 Curt Denham

In his first article, our contributing writer, Curt, shows us exactly what it looks like to balance work and a serious training regimen. Riding at 5 a.m. shows guts, Curt. We like guts. Especially since we don’t have any ourselves . . . “cue complaints about brisk, early 10 a.m. mornings.” Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, […]

Show Your Support for Women’s Cycling: Buy into Project X

2 August, 2014 Bek

When I was riding for my collegiate cycling team, we were invited to a road riding camp limited to Wheelwomen. Three pro cyclists, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Amber Neben, and Jessica Phillips Van Garderen, gave up their time to help us newbies learn the ropes. They led rides, offered clinics on nutrition and […]

Ride to the Tour of California Avila Beach Finish

8 May, 2013 Bek

Excited about the upcoming Tour of California? Of course! It’s one of the most exciting professional bike races in the country. I have watched local stage finishes and time trials for almost every year of the race’s existence. I’ve met most of my favorite riders including Mark Cavendish, George Hincapie, […]

Why You Should Join a Local Cycling or Triathlon Team

25 April, 2013 Bek

You’ve probably seen them in their matching team uniforms swimming, cycling, or running in large groups. The local club out practicing for their next race, and looking good doing it. As a long-time member of two different teams, I can attest to the benefits of joining your fellow cyclists or […]

Ride Safely in Traffic

29 March, 2013 Bek

When it comes to sports like cycling, I’ve heard two types of opinions on safety. From my family: “Get out and ride, you’ll be fine! Go have fun and do what you love!” From my husband’s family: “Are you wearing a bright enough color? Shouldn’t you be more worried about […]

The Rules of Road Cycling

28 March, 2013 Bek

Google “rules of road cycling” and you’ll find several sites discussing the proper way to wear your kit, buckle your helmet, and pull on your socks. Google “rules of triathlon” and you’ll actually get guidelines for racing legally. To those outside the road cycling world, riders may look like idiots […]

Why You Need A Pro Bike Fit and What to Expect

25 March, 2013 Bek

Knee pain dragging you down? Lower back aching after an hour in the saddle? Get set up right by a professional bike fitter, and enjoy many pain-free miles on the road. Getting a proper fit can make you faster, give you better control, and help you find that optimal position […]