MELD 3D CUSTOM SADDLE REVIEW – A Bicycle Seat Built for You

19 December, 2016 Bek

This article first appeared in our series detailing the steps to finding a comfortable saddle. We’ve put it here for easy searching, but you can check it out in all its glory at “The Most Comfortable Saddles on the Market.” MELD 3D CUSTOM SADDLE REVIEW If you read through the […]

Cool Gifts for the Cyclist on Your Christmas List – 2016

6 December, 2016 Bek

We’ve tried the gear, we’ve even done the shopping around for you. Now, here’s our guide to the coolest gifts for the cyclist on your list (even if that cyclist is you.) Note: Since lots of folks like Amazon, we’ve included links to Amazon in some of the options below. […]

The Cyclist’s Guide to Black Friday Cycling Deals for 2016

22 November, 2016 Bek

If you don’t feel like elbowing fellow shoppers at your local Wal-Mart this year, your best bet for Black Friday deals might be online. Here are the best Black Friday cycling sites we’ve seen across the webs. We’ll be adding to this list as we come across more sweet deals, […]

Airless and Tubeless Nexo Road Tires Launch on Kickstarter

7 November, 2016 Bek

Airless, “solid” tires aren’t necessarily a new thing–with heavy rubber iterations available here and there on the market. Now, three bike shop owners are offering the next gen version of tubeless, airless, tires made not from rubber but from lighter weight silicone plastic polymers. Called Nexo Tires, these are designed […]

The Best Cycling Socks Just Got Stripes – Swiftwick Chases Adventure

25 October, 2016 Bek

Last year, at Interbike, the Swiftwick booth was buzzing. Literally. The tattoo artist was busy offering free-of-charge, no-regrets, colorful and permanent tattoos. In Vegas, this was popular. But even more popular than personalizing your skin permanently with ink: personalizing your skin not permanently with Swiftwick’s socks. Now this is the amount […]

Coeur Sports Unveils Aerodynamic One Piece Triathlon Speed Suit

13 October, 2016 Bek

I caught up on the Coeur Sports line at Interbike, and I was stoked on the range that Coeur reaches in their women’s cycling and triathlon gear. With both understated and bright matching kits, Coeur is doing what many other clothing manufacturers aren’t–building jerseys, bibs, shorts, suits, for a variety […]

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