Is A Power Meter Worth The Expense? We Do Science To Find Out

5 February, 2016 Bek

Power Meters – Are They Worth It? This is Shane. Shane likes bikes and wants to race. Shane hasn’t been working out lately. Shane’s going to compare a Heart Rate Monitor and a Power Meter in the name of science. Don’t be like Shane–just read his results. OK, enough silliness. […]

The Cheapest & Best Power Meters of 2015

30 October, 2015 Bek

If there’s one thing we saw a lot of at Interbike, it was cheaper power meters. So, we decided to get all our info out there in one simple guide. While we haven’t used all of these (except for the Quarq Riken–that thing is amazing), we have seen plenty in […]

Budget Friendly and Accurate Power: The Quarq Riken AL/R Review

26 September, 2015 Bek

As the evil Sith, Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine) said while reveling in the wattage emanating from his fingertips, “Power! Un-lim-i-tid POWER.” Well, there’s nothing evil about knowing exactly how many watts you’re putting forth from your legs, but there’s definitely the same exhilaration in watching your exact output at […]

Our Favorite Cycling Gear from Sea Otter Classic 2015

19 April, 2015 Bek

We’ve just finished up the dusty, 25th anniversary of the enigmatic racing and crazy awesome expo that is the Sea Otter Classic. The sights, sounds, and giveaways flow here with booths tossing socks from their roofs and Cadel Evans meandering through the crowds. We’ve seen a lot of cool gear to […]