Bike Handling Skills – Videos to Get You Motivated

18 November, 2014 Bek

There’s just something about Tuesdays that makes the weekend feel so distant. If Mondays suck, Tuesdays are just a reminder of how much of the work week is left before that long Saturday ride. So, to liven up the day, I’ve chosen some of the finest videos YouTube has to […]

Watch Jens Voigt Attempt to Break the Hour Record!

18 September, 2014 Bek

Now known officially as “shut up hour,” Jens Voigt gets busy during his new retirement years by attempting to break the hour record currently held by Czech rider Ondřej Sosenka (49.700 kilometers or 30.8821 miles if Google’s calculations are correct). You can watch him attempt this feat on the track today […]

When & Where to Watch ESPN’s Slaying the Badger

21 July, 2014 Bek

In a cycling world where helmets were never normal, but down tube shifters were, Greg Lemond became the very first American to win The Tour de France. Add to this fact that he did so without much help from his teammate, 5-time Tour winner Bernard Hinault. Despite promising LeMond that […]

Chris Froome’s Best Tips for Climbing

1 July, 2014 Bek

Reigning Tour de France champ, Chris Froome knows a thing or two about climbing. Now he’s passing on that knowledge to cyclists around the world in his latest interview. Even though Team Sky has had a bit of bad press lately (inhaler-gate anyone?), Froome certainly knows what he’s talking about […]

Stuff Cyclists/Triathletes Say

24 March, 2013 Bek

It’s always best to laugh at the quirks and fashions of our beloved sports. These videos showcase just how awesome it is to be a cyclist or triathlete.    

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