Essential Oils for Cyclists & Triathletes

17 July, 2014 Bek

Recently, a friend of mine (yes, that’s her info on the poster above–had to give her a shout-out!) started getting into the whole essential oils thing. Although at first my endurance-athlete centered brain dismissed her claims of better sleep through Lavender and greater healing through “Thieves” (there’s a backstory, apparently), I […]

Best Sunscreens for Cyclists and Triathletes

15 July, 2014 Bek

Although the best sunscreen for cyclists is to leave no skin exposed, let’s face it–as cyclists, we love to show off our hours in the saddle with deep tan lines. Riding with arm and leg “sun skins” (like the ones below) will help prevent sun damage, but some of us might […]

Why Voler’s Black Label Cycling Kit Lives up to the Hype

12 September, 2013 Bek

Voler’s New Black Label Cycling Kit Reviewed Before they started producing the Black Label kit, the folks at Voler must have secretly infiltrated the Batcave’s closet because the Black Label is definitely Batman’s go-to kit when he kills double centuries. Decked out in black, this jersey and shorts are like […]

ICEdot Crash Sensor – My Top 5 Favorites: Cycling & Triathlon Gear

29 August, 2013 Bek

  There’s nothing like cycling. It’s about freedom to ride. It’s about passion for hammering the miles away. It’s about blasting through the pain for a new personal best. It’s about the unrivaled joy of buying stuff. OK, just kidding. But there’s always some cool new gadget you can throw […]

The New Road ID App Lets Family Track Your Ride or Run

8 August, 2013 Bek

If you’re setting out for a long ride, run, walk, or even a kayak trek on the bay, keep yourself a little bit safer with RoadID’s new app. Take your friends and family on the road with you as you travel on your workout, and make sure they know where […]

Specialized’s SWAT Shiv – Stay Super Aero While Carrying it All

21 July, 2013 Bek

Taking all the necessary food, flat repair, tools, and whatever else can be rather frustrating–especially if we’re trying to keep it aero. So Specialized has considered all the necessities and decided to use the empty aero space to contain it all. Although it’s not been properly released to the public, […]

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